Guess the name of the naked guy

 No one has even tried to imagine who would have been on the cover of a rock & roll magazine in early 1981. Which means — Yikes, you all were in diapers at that time or maybe, eek, not born yet?  Or perhaps you were only dreaming. Head in the clouds with Lucy? Having a hard day’s life? Romancing the lovely meter maid?

That’s alright, of course. You can’t help being spring chickens. But it sure makes me feel old.  Course it doesn’t help that I tripped and sprained my ankle and now it’s swollen up like a basketball and I have to hobble around using my mother’s walker.

The magazine in question was Rolling Stone. The photographer was Annie Liebovitz. And so my young lovelies, all you have to do is identify the Naked Guy on the cover to win a copy of Duke’s latest paperback novel because, you know, he is a paperback writer.

Original format of Rolling Stone magazine


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