Two Poem Pillow

First poem tossed and turned:

I deleted it after eating leftovers from a non-traditional meal of dried bark

A confused poem about floating in a black vacuum, like a pirate flag

And then there was a dry well and a bunch of people dressed

in robes and feathers, buckets of blood, etc.

It was lousy

Second poem made me laugh:

I think it’s okay

Yes, has to be since the kitten scratched me as I muttered the words

I’d fallen in with a group of working actors

Working actors … not the well-known personalities, or the starlets, or the ones with recurring parts, and certainly not the stars

These people were making enough money to pay the bills and buy a bit of dope and booze

It was an ecstasy party

Twenty-odd people laying around on cushions petting cats

I skipped the ecstasy and settled on a bottle instead

The edgy reality of booze suited my mood

The girl had her legs wrapped around me and we were kissing like I was soon to leave for the Eastern front

How do you like it, she said

Well, I like it fine … you know, my dick’s hard

Her eyelids began to hammer her face and she disengaged from me and crawled across to another couple and joined them and the cats

I took another swig of Tequila and went outside and sat on the curb until two Burbank Mexicans, just off busboy work, came by and sat with me

We finished the bottle, spitting into the dark like we were friends, just sitting with the world at our feet

5 thoughts on “Two Poem Pillow

  1. Only friends spit in front of one another. Unless someone’s dippin’, scraping a brown, speckled slurry off their lip into some used fastfood soda cup.
    “cockles n’ muscles, alive alive oh”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha. She went on to get some movies and scored a number of TV sitcoms. She did well and is still acting. My friend got her pregnant and they had an abortion. Life in L.A. Duke


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