Being Funny And Happy Is Not In The Cards

She downloaded forty Christmas movies

but we never watched any of them

The ice storm entered her hands and she was unable

to hold the controller, push the little buttons

Darkness came into the room and the depth

of her paralysis went through the floor

and rode the rats running in the basement

What a ride it was

Jumping rats falling by the thousands into a grave

where nobody answers phones

or breathes for a future

that others take for granted


5 thoughts on “Being Funny And Happy Is Not In The Cards

  1. It’s the XMas movie “potential” that’s the important part. Like a joyous black hole they exude an undeniable, unavoidable attraction. “We *could* watch them, if we wanted.”
    Rats—a la Willard—always get a bad rap. Ratatouille portrayed it best. Joined at the bread crumb, humanity and rattus rattus.

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    1. Thanks A. As always it reverts to one’s POV. The blood stains on the floor turn out to be red sauce from a spaghetti dish in the fridge. Later as you are eating, you recall Lady Macbeth and how she called the spirits to fill her with the direst cruelty, which allowed her to do all kinds of shit. So where we get our POV is very personal and often unique. It is a mix of living and dying and boredom, education and forgetting and the whole mix swirls into some action, the good and the bad, but here we are and like my father used to say, everybody has to be somewhere. Love. Duke

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  2. When I first read this piece I thought of Strawberry Fields -“let me take you down …” which describes the Christmas season for so many. Also thought of falling and being unable to get up … hobbling and at the mercy of the rats.

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