Rippled Silence

i was the blind man

in the art museum and you were the stranger

who sat down beside me and described

in the most beautiful way

that which i longed to see

and i liked your sweet voice so i moved my hand

toward yours

and you let them touch and we sat there

a work of art before a work of art

your words coming fewer and farther between

until the silence rippled with love


4 thoughts on “Rippled Silence

  1. Hi A.,

    i was the blind man … nothing better than that for an opening line. This reminds me of Rumi and the stone dropped in the quiet pool. Where are we going? Can’t be good, too much distortion out there, except in the moment and I guess that’ll have to do. Rippled silence is the nail in the poem. Anyway, good stuff and less is more. Duke

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