Sitting At The Bar (What A Shame About Me)

Her mental illness was hidden by the general insanity all around

No one really noticed people who could partly function

Half-assed efforts were getting pretty normal

But if you took a magnifying glass from a box and held it up to her face you could find the dangerous behavior

Yeah, she was capable of anything

A ball of sparking wires on the highway

The kind where witches play

She couldn’t get rid of her thoughts and she held them in her hands like razor blades

So, there I was at the end of the bar with my dumb smile and she sat beside me

Hi, she said, where you been

Let’s buy a bag of cocaine and go back to my place and fuck all night, she smiled

Uh, well, you might remember, I don’t like cocaine

That’s okay she said, I can hook you up to a car battery just like last time

Well, you sure do look nice and it sounds like fun, but give me a second

I got up and went into the bathroom and disappeared

My reputation and dick still intact

Later, I drove over to the Mongolian BBQ to see a girl I knew

I ordered a tasty little dish

When I finished eating, I left her a nice tip

We stated dating between exams, acting like we were in love

Our tongues always touching, our heads together, breathing like two dogs who’d walked into a bar

But then the monsoon came and we started acting strange

We couldn’t remember what came before and we started hurting each other

without knowing

Arguing over the difficulty of brushing teeth and hair at the same time

The bathroom light, the carpet on the floor

Important elements

Not remembering why we cared

One night she asked me if she should fuck the bi-sexual black guy living upstairs

Sure, I said, give it a try

After all these years I can’t remember her name, but I do remember her legs, how the blood trickled down her thigh, her breasts, her snow-white skin, the way she moved with my hot breath in her ear

Yeah, that sounds about right, another lovely dead-end

Nighttime cats in the cans

Details known only to we two

4 thoughts on “Sitting At The Bar (What A Shame About Me)

  1. Another piece that could be a song – I especially like this line “She couldn’t get rid of her thoughts and she held them in her hands like razor blades” – I have known that girl! Now I am obsessed with trying to brush my hair and teeth at the same time. To the Steely Dan song of course.

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    1. It was her period and when we had sex, she would bleed and it would get on my dick and it would dribble down her thigh. Her name was Karen and I used to tell her, your not ready for me yet, but the truth was I wasn’t ready for her. Smart, liberal, beautiful, caring, warm girl. Hope you are doing good in these lousy times. Duke


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