What’s going on here?

According to the Business Insider, if someone is “wearing a tin foil hat” it means that they have paranoia or a belief in conspiracy theories, especially involving government imagessurveillance or paranormal beings. Originally, the term referred to the practice of wearing headgear consisting of metal foil to block mind-reading.”

So don’t even try to read our minds.

Yeah, but who are you? (see, I’ve already read your minds – so it’s time for the tin hats folks.  Instructions to follow.)

The truthful answer: We’re just a group of writers fed up with marketing our books the old fashioned way.  All nicey, nicey sugar and spicy. If you want to call yourself a virtual friend, then you really need to buy a few of our books.  I don’t just mean a single sympathy buy, but rather a whole shelf load.  A sufficient quantify to make moving even more difficult when you lose your sorry-ass job after Trump is elected.

How’s that for a self defeating sales pitch?

If you feel like venting or have some seriously bad marketing ideas, do consider a guest post.  Or tell us about your favorite S&M joint. Or review a book that’s truly horrible but the writer’s a fellow author so you really have to be nicey nicey on Amazon or Goodreads or any of those god-forsaken sites that post bogus reviews.  Let ‘er rip here.


9 thoughts on “What’s going on here?

  1. Okay, I accept your challenge. Yes, I am an author and goddamnit I am important! I carry a mirror around with me and I hold it up to the light and the person I see is not really me. Well, maybe it is me. Hard to tell and perhaps the mirror is faulty and doesn’t work properly. All of this is part of being an author on the internet; big part of being a contributor to tinhatsblog. So since I am apparently here…Christ, maybe I’m not here. Bottom line, I feel like I’m changing, that my signals are getting weaker and weaker with each passing kiss. Women are my bloodline and they pull my strings in the dark. I have stopped following the news. My friend says we can read the clouds; keep up with things, since the atmosphere is being manufactured by a plant at a secret base in Alaska. The US government is controlling the weather and can cause tsunamis. He is going to fix me up with a good looking crisis actor. She often plays substitute teachers in mass shootings. Her figure is like a slightly cracked hourglass leaking sand. Buy my fucking books. Money is soon going to be worthless and so you might as well have something that burns better than money. Thanks. Duke

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    1. Holy Moly – does that mean clouds are actually drones carrying weapons of mass destruction aimed at non-believers of the truth and nothing but the truth no matter how many towers fall or towns burns or children are shot by other children. We depend on you to bring that truth to us directly from the lips of the cracked hourglass leaking sand crisis actor. And followees, buy lots his fucking books, y’all cause I edited one and will get 1 cent for each book sold! So make me wealthy folks!


  2. One word: chemtrails. So many people I know believe in them, and maybe we should all be wearing tinfoil hats.

    I love your ficking writing, Duke, and bought one of your books and need to buy more. You and Jan deserve to be rich!!

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    1. I’d never heard of chemtrails. Obviously I’m not worthy of wearing a tin hat just yet. You’ll have to educate us. Do they have their own holy orders or are they a subset of Tin Hats International?


  3. One word: chemtrails. So many people I know believe in them, and maybe we should all be wearing tinfoil hats.

    I love your fucking writing, Duke, and bought one of your books and need to buy more. You and Jan deserve to be rich!!


  4. I just learned about chemtrails from an old interview Prince did. Yes, I mourn the passing of the Purple One. Back to chemtrails… How can you tell if they’re there on a typically dismal Northwest spring day??
    So… moving forward with sugar spicey nicey nicey… I can’t help it. I know how hard it is to write a decent book, so I may not be saying what the demon voice inside my head is whispering, I hope that doesn’t get me booted from the group… cuz I just joined, man.

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    1. Welcome aboard. Okay – you’ve peaked my interest – what did Prince have to say chemtrails? Sounds like a Tinhats’ bloggie postie idea.


    2. Hi SEA–Welcome to whatever this is. Funny, I have a guy living near me who used to own an airport and is an expert on chemtrails. The internet has turned into that deep hole at the end of the bear cave where people went for answers.

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  5. There is a woman I cross paths with in Seattle. She wears a foil-lined hat and drives an ancient yellow Rambler. Every window but the windshield is covered with cardboard, cardboard crammed with Sharpie words, some misspelled, others capitalized for emPHAsis that accuse the government of watching us all, manipulating us like puppets. I really really like her. One day I saw her three times. The third encounter, she took off her had and smiled at me. And I waved back.

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