Our Fingertips Touching

Carol was coming down for a few days to get her mojo back on.  She’d been to Mexico before, but mostly to Tijuana dive bars where she had looked to bag men with sufficient amounts of strangeness and good teeth.  We were a pair.  I was the sane one, the tall one, the one who […]


Lost things are important because they cause us to become anxious.  They might be vital or inconsequential, maybe somewhere in-between; regardless, all carry a level of anxiety when we can’t find them.  Our hearts and lungs are the red flags of anxiety while a stomach pit can be a descending elevator that lightens our heads […]


There is a bullring for sale in Mexico.  I call the real estate agent and we go out to view the property.  It’s on a hill overlooking a valley where the Spanish priests and soldiers built a mission five hundred years ago.  My idea is to form a business partnership with some of my friends […]

Faust of Xichu

“And this I dreamt and this I dream and sometimes this I will dream again and all will be repeated, all will be re-embodied, you will dream everything I have seen in dream.”  Arseny Tarkovsky   Lokkal is indebted to “The Snook Gazette” for allowing an exhumation of the following dead and buried interview with […]


There is an old hotel near the park.  I am here.  The bed is a large boat rising on the tide.  The stars are close enough to reflect off my eyes.  I can feel them burning into me, branding me.  The city is dying where the callejones are dark.  Cockroaches silently move in the cracks. […]

Art is not Breath and Blood

Art is born by secrets, hidden in the fold of a dress, an afterthought of silence.   When we know, but cannot soften the blow, we make art and find glory in those perfect moments. Our hands and mind become the same and are exulted of this Earth.  Yet, there is always a missing.  A hole […]