The Numbers Are Strangers

1 1,386,734 1,800,000 We say these numbers, but we do not understand 2,500,000 5,000,000 They are numbers hidden in the broken trees, pressed into burnt bark They are the shattered face of numbers missing from our lives Unimportant 5,750,000 8,000,000 They are lost to us, without time, without name, buried in the desert, frozen in […]

The Face-Down Girl

one last look back at the war of her identity eyes blink a final kiss Sumpul and Nanking the wall turns a page heavy with metal a spine to flay Ochota and Nyarubuye she moves and sighs ugly in candle light abandoned braid of hair Adana and Ixil lips of flowers bird nest burns within cover […]

You’d like to Take My Photo?

I am the last monster Rising upon a cold day Hot coffee on the stove A fallen egg white souffle Dust draining from words that signify my presence Polished glass eyes and stiff hands Whispering autumn and breath of everything begun My fingers the worms and a belt of putrid flesh without faces, without sounds […]

Nothing to Be Done

blinding flashbulbs, waves of applause, hair extensions, abortions, drugs, demands, abuse, white teeth smiling on money she used to get to all of that had them waiting like nervous animals at her feet but that was twenty or so years ago she’s cut down now, treading silent circles at the base of a hill here’s […]

Easter on Christmas Eve

Whenever I move my hands in a certain way I think about my old Christian girlfriend Sin for her was like an undercooked pancake It was disappointing On a regular basis she would accuse me of being a Roman soldier building a cross for Jesus I never quite got what she meant, but maybe it […]