Everything Died in Slow Motion

AUGIE WAS PLAYING with a paper napkin. Then he said, “Well, I have a few ideas.” “Shoot…please,” I said. For the next twenty minutes I tried to digest what Augie was saying. He congratulated me for sharing my feelings on the suicide, hallucination, and the trouble with my publisher. He told me that coming to […]

Did You Shoot Mike?

My friend talked in circles but that was life: around and around only to arrive at the same spot in our minds.  Birth, death, it all came back to nothing; nothing but a random place occupied by a memory and even that was eventually lost to something we call history. He was dying and he […]

A Scarred Marlin in the Sea

There is a last word and it will be revealed, somewhere out there, in the blurred burning of crows and the velvet of mercury cutting sand. The word collects my mind and is unique like light shattering ice: a pillow stuffed with glass, a fire in the mud, a windowless window from a distant sail. […]

The Slop Shop

I look out across the limestone gravel street and watch the dust rise up in little wisps and puffs as if the rocks can think.  Heat is in my nostrils and covers my face.   The sunlight is blinding.  August, noon, towering clouds in the sky, full moon shining white just like the sun, everyone dead […]


When I got back to my apartment I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.  There was reflecting water screwed to the wall. How did that get there I wondered. The idea of suicide tripped lightly in my mind. I turned on the sink’s hot water and washed my face and […]

We Must Go On Despite the Absurdity

The majority of books and movies about refugees are usually bad.  Often they are self-serving, trite, or preachy. Most are too heart-felt with unrealistic characters.  Refugees are usually helpless victims and emergency relief workers are do-gooders with overflowing emotions.  During a real refugee crisis, particularly if it is related to war, there is usually no […]