Emaciated Horses

It comes to me and it comes again … like leaves circling in the wind, higher and higher away from the mud and blood upon my hands A blank face, a lost bet, and let us consider the dead, let them awaken upon the river rocks, let them lift you upward Look where the green […]

Mobile Medical Units

Her house is on fire, but no one cares to know as she burns from within and slides her chair backward, her eyes pinpoints of blue flame She walks away from the table, dressed in sheer white gauze, the kind used by blood-stained nurses sewing battlefield wounds Let them kiss my plum lips one last […]

The Dread of Knowing

You stand before the plate glass window considering the black wet trees with stark limbs and the leaves are like suffering women and silent men Everything draped with funeral cloth and white mist Baby mind breathing sounds on a cold day You pick her up horizontally like a tiny arrow and you slide her through […]

Name Dropper

I’m a name dropper.  We’re all name droppers here in this little town in Mexico … barking on all fours at the feet of the well-know, people just like us, except they’re better looking, luckier, richer, probably more fucked up. Name dropping is a way to apologize for being a bore. It’s like giving a […]

Love, the Boy, the Car, and the Girl

Without a first line you have nothing. (That’s not true, but it sounds good.) What could go wrong? (Lots of stuff.) You sit on the porch of an old house in a college town and the stuffy air fills your lungs.  The sound of cicadas drives the dream even hotter.  Texas withdrawing into a July […]

My Heroes

I volunteer in the park down the street.  All my dreams are gone, but I’m still holding on.  I’m the guy with the Pinche Trump button pinned to his hat.  It’s my glowworm warming Mexican smiles.  Dr. Dave is often there in the morning, twisting his body like Harry Houdini.  We hardly ever speak.  I […]