Report #1 From The Mexico Station

I’ve been writing this in my mind all morning.  Sheets of white paper with wings.  Of course, those sentiments, those clever words, are gone now.  I sit unhappy, stirring my mind like cabbage in a pot.  I hate topics.  My writing has always been about hidden topics, waiting to come out of a hole when […]

The Ice Age

The phone rings like a scream in a dark hall and I answer.  I am barely there, but the voice on the other end is crying.  She tells me she is naked on the floor, that she is bleeding and the blood is everywhere.  She’s drinking and cut herself. Everything is just as we imagined.  […]

I Will Be Home

I once went out a few times with the great-granddaughter of General Maximiliano Hernández Martínez, the ex-President of El Salvador.  She told me stories about how crazy he was, unless, of course, you were crazy, and then he was perfectly sane.  She stared at me and asked, “So, are you crazy?” One day General Martínez […]

Poem for the End of the World

I was walking my dogs, Missa Him and Matilda … contemplating the little things that define us, all those beginnings and ends Missa Him’s eyes were questions and Matilda flew since she weighed the same as baby’s breath and gravity was unable to deal with her properly My tribe came upon two guys sitting in […]

The Howler Monkey

I write a letter to an unknown person.  When I finish, I’ll decide who the recipient will be.  Maybe an old lover who still thinks of me or a distant relative who tells people I’m a liar.  Particularly that story about snorting coke with Liz Taylor.  Never did like coke or Taylor. It might take […]

Names and Places Hiding in the Clock

Touching the cold edge of your arm, pulling against the covers, trying not to break you, split you apart like the cannibals do Gisela Maidenbach Soizic Chevrolet Ursula Pusard Burning eyes without water Stanley Geoff Gao Vue Bob Diesel Blanket Missa Him moves about as the killers get their instructions from El Chamorro, in a […]