You can see trauma. It has a shape and color and surrounds your walks and your resting moments.  Trauma is thought and pain, stone letters buried in the day … deep in the marrow and it’s impossible to cut away as you fall apart. Emotional and physical trauma have pretty much the same consequences.  The […]

Yes, We All Breathe

I forget Baltimore is in Maryland That birds are made of light in the Parisian sky … that the child waits bereft upon the sand Can it be So many incurious things … driving away, eating MREs, dragging the boat along the shore, father’s mud stuffed into my veins, everything I forget Can it be […]

A Song in Your Mind

love comes from many things, people, moments it’s like rain falling silent snow, nights one after another … breath held until you black out all of it pushing you underneath lost in those towns, those voices, inside bodies holding you, wanting you, most trying not to die you finally wake and it doesn’t matter and […]

Gila Monsters and West Side Story

Things are never what they seem, never.  Running away is sometimes running toward something.  Good luck is often not really good at all, it’s rotten to the core, hurtful like the movement of parasites swimming up the stream of your piss and into your penis. Herodotus told me that one. Take for example the Gila […]

The Microfilm Cubicle

Our bodies were white in the night as we thought about our cases, soon to be closed, and we were mute, looking down upon the pool.  It was late and we were drinking wine thinking about LSD and how the cop in another section of the complex had tried to force his way into her […]