I Thought You Were Dead

His apartment was on the second floor of a three-story building.  On the top lived a woman and her five-year-old son.  She was married to a captain in the Croat army.  He was usually at the front, although sometimes he came home with his guns for a few hours of leave.  The fighting was only […]


Last winter the Serbs had positioned themselves just off the coast and bombarded the town.  They’d done it in retaliation for the Croats disabling a patrol boat.  His neighborhood had been hit and there were burned out houses around.  A few hours earlier, as the sun set, he was down on the shiny black breaker […]

Bakers White with Flour

She goes now into the shadowlands of my tearful breakdown and I follow encased in a poor recollection, panels of denial and dread.  I see her at play and in the way she holds her hands just so around her face.  Pirates sail across her wake and the water rises through our house floating the […]

A Christmas Story

They sat around an open fire, late on Christmas Eve, drinking hot whiskey and lime.  They were just a few compatriots a long way from home in the midst of some vast problem. “Who knows a good Christmas story?” one asked, as another groaned. “I got one.” The five faces glowed, leaning into the cracks […]

I Will Still Be Happy

Ratko Mladić is a convicted war criminal. “Just drive,” I say to the ex-British soldier.  I wonder about his pedigree.  The mountain road is as thin as my skin and the drop on the left side a good 2,000 feet.  I do not care in the least.  If we don’t make it back, I will […]

Book Promo Gets Off Track

The Convert evidently bought the first copy of Living and Dying with Dogs: Turbo Edition a few days ago.  If that is true, he paid $15 and not the $12 that was eventually set as the price.  I feel bad about this and perhaps someday I can make it up to the Convert when I buy […]