Weapons that no Longer Shoot

Maybe now was the time.  You were only meant to last as long as someone was smiling and not a moment more: the pain in your head, the fault of your heart. A leg turned white as the door closed.  Just like the tumble of a mountain stream through the niche of stones: the same […]

He Found a Friend

The bug was talking to him through the windshield and it was distracting, but he had to answer.  Politeness was involatile, unlike his body. Dealing with people is the worst.  Don’t you agree?  Maybe, but at least the transmissions take weeks to come which gives us time to bounce around on the surface.  Keep moving […]


(Dedicated to the Convert.) He wanted to run faster, to be more perfect as he said. How can I run faster than all the other kids?  Well, we need to go down to the beach and run in the sand.  Black Blizzard can pace you and he’ll never get tired.  Here’s an idea: let’s tape […]

Sleeping on the Floor

I and two billion other people couldn’t get to sleep last night: marbles on a ship’s deck. An image kept rolling in my mind, over and over again.  It had to do with dogs, as are so many of my good and bad memories.  Their names were Red and Blue; a pair of Irish Setters […]

The Ghost of Marquez

I hang out with some fairly sketchy women and men in Mexico.  We drink together in a combination restaurant and whorehouse that Gabriel Marquez used to frequent.  The owner was a famous gambler who died at the bottom of a well.  He was a womanizer and a heroin addict and looked after the welfare of […]

Piles…the Prose Version

What to do about my books?  I can hardly stand to read my own writing anymore.  I am juggling four or five projects.  No time for Tin Hats, but here I am writing whatever comes into my mind.  Wait a second, I write books and poems the same way, except I take longer, I think […]

Two Oars Cutting the Water

(Dedicated to Teresa and Marshall.) I have never loved until now.  For years the word scarcely escaped my lips.  Women would wait and still they waited until I was no more.  In my family I only used it with my father, mother, and one of my grandmothers.  As to my sisters, the word just didn’t […]