Dying on a Train

The trains are a trap.  Each one filled with Jews and Mexicans and Vietnamese as if someone has lured the metal and fire to the tracks.  It’s not a crime, it’s all been approved by judges with rotten teeth.  Notice how the yellow of the eyes and the foreheads are pulled by indifference and technology.  […]

This Beloved Earth

When I was younger, nature was something I took for granted.  It was eternal in rain and green grass and the fox’s scream.  My great-grandparents owned a place called Bull’s Creek Ranch.  It sat on both sides of the river and was about 4,000 acres.  Over the years my grandfather sold off much of the […]

Selling My Books on the Back of My Life

I’d never been to the Chapel of Jimmy Ray, but I closed my eyes and when I opened them, there I was, in somebody else’s dream.  I liked it and then I heard the voice of Dr. Dave.  “Hey motherfucker, I know you don’t care, but why not write something people in this town can […]

The Demented Woman

I love to eat rice and beans, it makes me feel like a worker in the fields, the ones with the straw hats and sandals.  They bend over with account books pressing down upon their backs.  History can be oppressive and ugly.  Broken bones and scars are the story of slavery and servitude and the […]

Let the Bass Carry You

The days are not long enough for me … my body an army in retreat.  Cells cutting into the light, making it bleed, inch by inch of bleached skin, and I can do nothing except breathe as if I’ve been left behind on a ledge overlooking the rest of the world, so far out of […]

Where is All This Going?

My share of Tin Hats Blog doesn’t have a lot of information about my daily life.  In fact, I don’t like to give out details about who I am.  The style of my innuendos occasionally piss readers off. I have done uncommon things, but are they true, goddammit.  If it is history and I can […]