Faust of Xichu

“And this I dreamt and this I dream and sometimes this I will dream again and all will be repeated, all will be re-embodied, you will dream everything I have seen in dream.”  Arseny Tarkovsky   Lokkal is indebted to “The Snook Gazette” for allowing an exhumation of the following dead and buried interview with […]


“Why did Granna die?  I didn’t want her to die.” “Well, she was 94-years-old and that is a long time to live and so she just died.” “Will you and Daddy die?” “Yes…but not for a long time.” The boy was without expression and asked, “Will I die Mommy?” “No.  You will live forever.” “What […]

Art is not Breath and Blood

Art is born by secrets, hidden in the fold of a dress, an afterthought of silence.   When we know, but cannot soften the blow, we make art and find glory in those perfect moments. Our hands and mind become the same and are exulted of this Earth.  Yet, there is always a missing.  A hole […]

Under Lock and Key

I turn on my computer and begin to write for unknown reasons. Sometimes writing is impossible.  They call it writer’s block.  I call it slowly dying.  On the other hand, sometimes it’s very easy.  During those times I feel like god with a bad back.  I put myself on the bridge, in the boat, in […]

I Thought You Were Dead

His apartment was on the second floor of a three-story building.  On the top lived a woman and her five-year-old son.  She was married to a captain in the Croat army.  He was usually at the front, although sometimes he came home with his guns for a few hours of leave.  The fighting was only […]


Last winter the Serbs had positioned themselves just off the coast and bombarded the town.  They’d done it in retaliation for the Croats disabling a patrol boat.  His neighborhood had been hit and there were burned out houses around.  A few hours earlier, as the sun set, he was down on the shiny black breaker […]

Bakers White with Flour

She goes now into the shadowlands of my tearful breakdown and I follow encased in a poor recollection, panels of denial and dread.  I see her at play and in the way she holds her hands just so around her face.  Pirates sail across her wake and the water rises through our house floating the […]