The Early Morning of Ivory

Where is the desert in my body?  Where is the deep crack in the earth from whence rises my will?  Surely there are towers of ice shadowing the undulation of my ribs and there must be stretches of waterless sand shifting across my heart and spilling into the hollows of my stomach. No more, only […]

Five Minutes in the Life of Duke Miller

(This is a cutting from Living and Dying with Dogs: Turbo Edition.) Part I: Mexico I’m in Mazatlán, sitting at my favorite outdoor bar very near the classic Hotel Belmar, where Duke Wayne and John Huston used to stay in the top floor facing the sea. It’s worth noting that Wayne married a Mexican and […]

Taxi Ride to the Doctor

San Miguel de Allende is my home now: self-exiled from “el otro lado”.  I am trying to escape the politics of my life, but everything is such a graphic image or a shrill announcement on the news.  Pain follows me around like a starving child.  Why would anyone ever ignore some dying kid?  It happens.  […]

Weapons that No Longer Shoot

Maybe now was the time.  You were only meant to last as long as someone was smiling and not a moment more: the pain in your head, the fault of your heart. A leg turned white as the door closed.  Just like the tumble of a mountain stream through the niche of stones: the same […]

He Found a Friend

The bug was talking to him through the windshield and it was distracting, but he had to answer.  Politeness was involatile, unlike his body. Dealing with people is the worst.  Don’t you agree?  Maybe, but at least the transmissions take weeks to come which gives us time to bounce around on the surface.  Keep moving […]