Curious Seasons

The cloud bank rolls toward you, pushed by the wind from a storm far away…inevitably, sadly…rabbit and all, running across the setting sun.  A soft, moving wall that lifts your thoughts and there is everything in front of you, everything that is no more.  You have followed the campesino’s finger to the top of the […]

I Don’t Think You Understand

What could have been or should have been but wasn’t, is how we live.  Like cards falling upon the table, floating down upon the felt green for all to see.  One wins or loses or breaks even, but there is the inevitable accounting.  Our lives in stop motion, because it is only after the fact […]

Bow Wow Comes Around

I was going to write about Jan, Aaron, Kari, AMole, John the Gorilla, the Convert, Dave,  Manja, Aquileana, Joey, Mary, Ken, Pete, Bess, and Jen Kindness.  I was going to place all of us in a late-night Parisian bar listening to jazz music by a bunch of cool sticks from Baltimore wearing pointed shoes and […]

The Falls

He was late for the test, running across the quad and then he saw her. He abruptly stopped.  All her parts were there: the bare legs and small feet snuggled into flip-flops, the slight curve of her shoulders tipping forward, top-heavy as she walked; her deeply black hair silken in the breeze.  A pair of […]

All Those Tired Questions

Dennis went into the kitchen to get orange juice, his slippers shuffling along the linoleum.  “Do you want some?” he’d barely called.  Dawn was coming in through the windows with additional tired questions.  You and he had been up all night smoking and talking about music and movies.  You liked him, you really did.  Earlier […]

Seamen vs. Semen

I posted “I Never Liked Zagreb” a few days ago.  As usual it had several problems.  My writing, which is kind of fucked up, attempts to reflect the nonsequential pattern of human life.  Many people read my stuff and say, “Well, this is a mess.”  They are right.  Things always seem out of place to […]