I’d Stand In The Rain With Sartre

When I think of how humans have dealt with some growing catastrophe, a few things stick out.  There are many people who are ignorant of the problem.  Even the gross outlines.  This is a sizable number.  Then there are people who don’t want to know about the disasters before they actually happen.  This presents a […]

Merry Christmas!

Some of you reading this might not understand that an out-of-control train just passed you by and it could have destroyed everything that you know and love.  The Omicron variant of the Coronavirus is anywhere from five to seventy times as contagious as any of the other variants (the difference in contagion rates depend upon […]

An Entire Sky

Sometimes April was nice.  Not too hot, tall white clouds slowly moving in the breeze.  There were six or seven of us who would meet at a chain-link backstop on a rocky field to play baseball.  The area was famous for the bonfire which was lit the day before every Thanksgiving as a burning reminder […]

Five Haikus Before Seven Minute Shower

1 Hands strangle cereal Cold white blood trickles down chin Morning ghost breakfast 2 Atomic bombs kill Dissonant music albums Carbon shadows gripe 3 Bodies are trouble Bad stories, stretched out, waiting Bus stops, no buses 4 Japanese painter Organs hanging on streaked wall Colors turn silent 5 Mind retreats to bed Armies attack in […]

Haiku For Missa Him

1 It was a cold night I put blankets on the dog She burned in the fire 2 Seven sounds of dreams Listening in the silence No one hears but us 3 She runs in the flames Her coat blue, orange, and red I stroke her hot head 4 Her breath seven words Pain, fear, […]

No One Ever Dies

People sometimes wonder if I’m okay.  Perhaps not directly, not by choice in call or mail, but rather a vague prick at the back of their thoughts.  “Are you alright,” they think … and there is never an answer, not from me anyway, and so they go about their day, and perhaps a few weeks […]

When The Black Earth Fails

I was beside myself So I called Missa Him outside for a bath She was trusting in the cold long light And the shafts came low across the yard like heralds with shinning shields Afterward, I sat beneath a tree and cried I cried as Missa Him looked into my face But I was not […]

Spin the Bottle and Crypto Gods

The working title of the book Jan and I are writing is “Spin the Bottle”.  It is about a young, beautiful (naturally) psychiatrist who has lost both parents and, in their place, has created an imaginary brother.  They often talk.  Her mother killed her father.  The mother committed suicide awaiting trail.  The psychiatrist has an […]