In a room facing easterly

In a room facing easterly sat a grand pianoweighed down by all twelve apostlesin ceramic form and several in wax all made andbought from the Carmelites. From a divan covered in afghans,Knit in zig-zag patterns ofTangerine, grape and lemonthe piano blocked the viewof the river and the hills beyond.Of the road and the cars passing […]

The Perfect Admin

Technically, Pauline reported to the director of Research and Development.. There had been many directors during the twenty years the company had existed but only one Pauline. One Pauline to greet each new director. One Pauline to ensure his needs were met. One Pauline to introduce him to the staff and company procedures. One Pauline. […]


Emmaline had sprung for a round trip ticket from St. Louis to Reno. It only made two stops on the way out: At fucking Midway Airport in the goddamn city of Chicago and at fucking Denver International where her brother Ug lived with that bitch he called a wife. Did she want to meet her […]

Win a paperback copy of Duke’s newest book …

Duke’s latest offering has finally hit the presses. For the cover, I laid Tres’ artwork against a magazine article describing life in Palestine under the PLO. This article was first published in 1981 in a magazine that then used newsprint paper. On the cover was an iconic photo. If you can guess the name of […]

Any day now

Taglines: Magical Realism, love, refugees, war zones, moral relativism, American emigres, suicide, depression. Behold the newest “mouthful of Duke” which may be published someday soon (depends on Amazon’s review process!) This book is not about Willem Dafoe the actor. I’m saying that right upfront so that John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal Publishing doesn’t […]

Our Logo

We’re getting ready to release Duke’s latest collection of poems. Many of them were published in early versions here on Tinhats but not all of them. We’ve been at this for so long that neither of us can find the original color logo. But I did find it in the media library on WP. I […]

Girl Pokey’s Halloween Story

“I got me some itchy underwear. They was suppose to be downy soft — look at this here packaging but it feels like I been rolling in a briar patch buff naked.” Moss Goody generally bought nice undies for her newly released parolees along with condoms and Tampax pads. An inexpensive but welcome treat for […]

When Liz says it’s the end of the world

Well there’s no use pretending anymore. The sun setting tonight is angry The sun setting tonight is out for revenge How do we know Jesus Christ and Mohammad and Buddha Were not the children of the sun and not the cool moon. We don’t But she will let us know Liz has an ice pool […]

Custos Damnationem

Tinhatter Aaron has a new book available for sale on Amazon. I haven’t read it yet but, after I do, I will post a review. Meanwhile, here is a synopsis: Custos Damnationem is a fictional memoir, a fauxmoir, if you will. What were my objectives? Chief among them was to subvert hate, in both its […]