Have Caffeine, Will Travel

A while back I promised to publish at least a bit of Code Slingers, The Musical, a piece I originally wrote for a group of friends I worked with back in the early 1990s. One of my friends called it “A Wacky Light Opera.”   I wrote it while waiting to get laid off and […]

The Donner Party

You whispered your hair is soft as though surprised. You thought I didn’t hear you but I did I meant to look for Uranus but you distracted me and then … I went to bed with a book. Just one foot in front of the other all my life said Tom Joad. Just one foot […]

My Favorite Christmas Story, Part One

The year the Hong Kong flu swept round the world leaving the afflicted either dead or praying for death, I was a “Christmas Helper” assigned to the home goods department of a Macy’s in downtown Kansas City Missouri (Missura to the Missurans).  If you’ve ever taken a seasonal job selling products that you know nothing […]

All that we see or seem …

This is conclusion of So Say The Winos which starts here. If you’re a believer or not, all roads for me lead to late October, the swirl of incandescent leaves dying in a drunken Irish jig. Quiet the hoot owls. Rusty the light. Spooked the cat.  Bring on the ghost ships to carry me home. […]

So Say the Winos, Part 5

Note to the alive – I would have liked to time these out but it appears because of the fires all around us, we may lose power for awhile.  So just take a gulp and breathe it in – Happy Halloween. *** Two figures stood silhouetted  in the doorway. One tall, the other short. “What […]

So Say the Winos, Part 4

By the time Daniel arrived at the station the next morning the girls’ car was gone, retrieved, the boss explained, by a couple of pea-brained hippies. “Good,” he said.  Taking them to Marcia had been the right decision. His good deed sustained him through a busy morning fixing tires for teamsters (their only customers) and helping […]