The Circle, Part Four

Part One Part Two Part Three Before Gram could force her mind on to a more pleasant memory than the Wickwester Disaster which, after all,  happened 71 years ago,  she heard voices outside her door.  “So, Dr. Johnson, what’s your expert diagnosis?” “You don’t have to be sarcastic. All I’m saying is I don’t think […]

To a Friend in a Funk

Sometimes I know, what is being said, even when it’s not being said and other times, I do not. To assume is a gamble and I am not a gambler. I may have been at one time, but now I only go with the true, and that is you. We weave complicated webs around each […]

Dem Dam Hippies in Have-You-Been-Saved Misery, Part 2

Part One is here Throughout the day winds howled as an ice monster crept over the town, his goal, to flash freeze everything living and lock us all in houses where our illusion of safety would be challenged by falling trees, downed power lines and out-of-control fires which firemen couldn’t reach.   Between the ho, ho, ho […]

Dem Dam Hippies in Have-You-Been-Saved Misery

Originally posted on JT Twissel in 2013, my first year of blogging. My children call this my favorite Christmas story to tell.  They had no tree, they had no presents but they did have…. The year the Hong Kong flu swept the country, killing thousands and leaving others to beg for death, I was temping […]

Bonita and Juicy

They were staying at a hotel in downtown Puerto Vallarta because he knew the town, a fact he’d attempted to prove the night before at the restaurant while Hole did his usual negotiations with the Mariachi band to play “Granada” which, because it is apparently not on any Mariachi’s band’s list of required songs to play, required […]

The Book of Lenny, Verse 10.1.2017

After Lenny fired he lowered the rifle and stood on the ridge looking down at the scene unfolding below.  He didn’t feel a thing except maybe surprise.  In only one shot he’d hit a target over 150 feet away.  Pretty damn good, he thought.  Pretty damn good.  He’d make sure his brother pointed out that […]