A Rendezvous on the Beach

After midnight there was no traffic on the road separating the condo from the beach but we couldn’t see the ocean; we could only hear the waves slapping the sand.   “I think that’s Orion’s Belt,” I commented as though I knew the constellations well.  Above were zillions of stars in a moonless night.   Jane had […]

Manja Mexi Movie is the Winner

For her brilliant response – green is my favorite color.  The friend is a bug, generally green, and Duke’s favorite color is green.  So send me your particulars Manja. You’re the winner of a paperback version of Living and Dying with Dogs, Turbo Edition! Check out her blog – she’s a brilliant photographer. 

I can be forgiven

In the spring poison grows under trees, and takes many shapes, imitating a vine, or hiding in ground cover. It can mimic the thorny raspberry, or an adolescent oak. It’s a joker; it’s a thief, in three words – all things human. Do not venture into the forests of the Ardennes, after a long winter […]

The End of the Circle

She turned to the gift.  It sat on the stained laminate table where every night for a lifetime she’d set a light supper for family.  Cold cuts, cheese, and sliced bread for sandwiches.  A little mustard and mayo.  Old Spice still lingered in the air and suddenly it was all around her: the past, coming […]

The healing power of tabloid journalism

(this is part five of a WIP with the working title of The Circle at the Top of the Hill) All her life Gram had followed the same morning routine and it always included a donut or some other sweet for breakfast.  And then, when did it happen?  Sometime in the nineteen seventies.  Suddenly sugar […]

Man of Large Objects

A guest post from Carol Teltschick His real name was Eric but I’ll always remember him as the man of large objects. I met him at UT Austin when I was working for the Department of Transportation Engineering, one of those hang-on-by-your-fingernails kind of jobs of which I’ve had so many. Eric was our secretary […]