All that we see or seem …

This is conclusion of So Say The Winos which starts here. If you’re a believer or not, all roads for me lead to late October, the swirl of incandescent leaves dying in a drunken Irish jig. Quiet the hoot owls. Rusty the light. Spooked the cat.  Bring on the ghost ships to carry me home. […]

So Say the Winos, Part 5

Note to the alive – I would have liked to time these out but it appears because of the fires all around us, we may lose power for awhile.  So just take a gulp and breathe it in – Happy Halloween. *** Two figures stood silhouetted  in the doorway. One tall, the other short. “What […]

So Say the Winos, Part 4

By the time Daniel arrived at the station the next morning the girls’ car was gone, retrieved, the boss explained, by a couple of pea-brained hippies. “Good,” he said.  Taking them to Marcia had been the right decision. His good deed sustained him through a busy morning fixing tires for teamsters (their only customers) and helping […]

So Say the Winos, Part 3

“Come on now, honey bunches, be good to your man.” the behemoth said as he dragged the girl back into the shadows. Hitting him with her guitar repeatedly did nothing and so she reached into her coat and pulled forth rosary beads.. The creature’s eyes widened. What was his pet dangling in front of his […]

So say the winos, part two

It was a girl.  A girl with a Botticelli face dressed in bell-bottoms and a pea jacket standing in the mist rising from the sewers. She couldn’t have been more than sixteen. “What are you doing here?”  He demanded. “We need gas. We got lost driving around the city and then we saw your station.”  […]

So Say the Winos

Out trespasser! Leave this body before you’re trapped, he thought, but it was too late. “Daniel, what are you doing still here?” Someone yelled. Was he being yelled at? Was that his name – Daniel? “Quit standing in the rain like a friggin’ turkey and go home!” He looked at the heavy book in his […]