Dresden in ruins

Professor LeBon and his family lived in a split level house in the new subdivision which had a floor plan exactly like the others but with the added enhancement of a view.  The “view” was of a sagebrush-filled ravine but that no less diminished its value to the professor’s wife who often remarked that, although […]

Every Five Frigging Minutes

I was going to attempt to be witty but after struggling with Amazon for over a week, witty ain’t me.  Or I ain’t witty. Heck I ain’t even feeling very smart! But somehow we did manage to get Duke’s book published and at a page length that will give the book a spine. To do […]

The Wake of Grandma Sauer

This is the fourth installation of The Riverside.  The first is here. The second here. The third here. “Miss Muselik, you do know that half the town will be here shortly.  It’s a spur of the moment wake for old lady Sauer who they buried today,”  Fi said as she handed the Ouija board to […]

Premature Ejackulation

We (or rather I) launched the ebook of Duke’s Malverde Days before I had uploaded the paperback and subsequently discovered Amazon wasn’t going to give the book a spine wide enough for text. We had too few pages. I asked Senor Duke if going without a spine was an option and he said to me […]

Malverde Days Cover Reveal

Okay gals and guys, John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal is about to launch Duke’s newest book and we are in dire need of a blurb so compelling that the book will roar up the bestseller list and make John a very wealthy man.   Here’s the front cover, artwork by Tres Miller.  Your […]

Minuets of da Broad, writ by Girl Pokey

Girl Pokey couldn’t wait to tell her PO that she’d gotten a job only four days after being paroled. “I knew I’d git it cuz I know all about motorsickles,” she told her PO, “but I didn’t see any.” “Well it was only your first day.  What did they have you do?”  “Well, I showed […]

Just One Question

This is a continuation of Tom Bean and before that: Their Glorious Almost   Fiona slept in the basement with my father’s tools and guns.  Frogs were her personal saviors, the more bizarre their behaviors, their coloring or their venom, the more they delighted her. She kept her dark hair at an even inch all around and […]