It looks dystopian outside, an old friend wrote via email.  He’s directly downwind from the disaster which we are all now breathing into our bodies despite double-paned windows and a distance of one hundred miles. And it will become part of us and we will age and breathing will never be the same again. He […]

California is burning

No moon, no stars, only fire engines on the ridge, their lights flashing. And a helicopter overhead. The wind howling all day, the house creaking, the car at the ready in the driveway. Only the whole state is burning. Nowhere to go. The sun set in a blood red balloon, the air is worse than […]

The Anniversary Party

Last night we had an anniversary party here at Tinhatsblog (2.5 years). I brought the cake and it was a dark chocolate mouse cake with yellow roses and to eat one bite was to die happier than you’d ever lived.  I ate a lot.  Perhaps too much. Then Missa Him arrived to case the joint and […]

Not mine but mine and yours … the earth

“Our culture does not know the dream of the individual, the single person.  We have never lived with the dream of the self-made man.  We only know a world of symbiotic coexistence, one universe, and shared perpetual interconnectivity.  And that is what we wish to share, considering the destruction of the headwaters of the Amazon […]

A check in the mail

I got a check today, oh boy, inside an unsealed envelop. It could have fallen out, oh yeah but it didn’t. I called my brother tonight, oh boy, I do not want this money. It doesn’t mean a thing to me. oh yeah tithe or die … guilty as charged.      

Up Coal Canyon

I do not think it matters, she says … then there is a pause ⏤ an ellipses or an em dash? Machts nichts, mein leibchen. Then fighting through rushes too thick for ticks smelling primordial like a freight train breathing up coal canyon. I think it does, he says … then there is a pause […]