The Circle at the Top of the Hill, Part 2

Part 1 here There wasn’t room for her in the Residents’ wing so they put Gram upstairs in Memory Care.  Just for the night, they promised,  just for the night.  Lordy haven’t I been the fool, she thought, expecting my son to have worked everything out ahead of time instead of just dumping me here.  […]

In Case We Fade to Dark

A blog can go up in smoke at any moment for any of a dozen reasons. Bloggers get exhausted or discouraged or just don’t want to play the game anymore. They post a “gone fishing” sign as if they will return one day but they don’t. They float away and become one less star in […]

Could this be in the script?

The illegitimate great grandnieces of Kamehameha struggled without success to remain inconspicuous as they waited behind a screen for us to finally leave. The oven had been smoking for some time. Although, it’s probably not called an oven, I thought, and we’re probably their last customers for the day so they’re probably thinking you’ve said […]

¡Feliz cumpleaños! Tia Lieca

Guac and chips on the kitchen table, salsa and humus. Grandes sobrinas chase their children and their dogs down the endless halls. Wasn’t there a cat once? Tia shuffles through the busy kitchen, inspects the rellenos and posole, reaches for a baby and is told to sit. “But I only want to hold the baby, […]

33 and 1/3

That first record of yours, my child name scrawled across it, a Christmas present Meet the Beatles (they’ll never last…) sits in the closet well preserved.  Upon the blustery, forbidden moor, you wander, free from wanting hands, but wanting hearts still search you out. You strike in defense “Leave me be – you didn’t know me.” […]

The Horror of Your Wake

Your heart, your poor damaged heart. On every wall reams of butcher paper taped, aborted babies fed to snakes (umbilical cords still attached) by twenty foot demon women, * * * laughing all crayoned in the most vibrant of hues, surrounded by pagan symbols, no inch of paper left to white. You always liked color “She used […]

Sunburnt Toes in the Wind

Sanders has a beautiful wife, skin of light coffee and the kind of fragile bones that diamonds shine brightly on, her eyes dark like a banshee. Even the wives and consorts sitting on the back of the yacht agree.  Of course, Sanders’ wife is a young thing.  To say anything catty about her would only […]