¡Feliz cumpleaños! Tia Lieca

Guac and chips on the kitchen table, salsa and humus. Grandes sobrinas chase their children and their dogs down the endless halls. Wasn’t there a cat once? Tia shuffles through the busy kitchen, inspects the rellenos and posole, reaches for a baby and is told to sit. “But I only want to hold the baby, […]

33 and 1/3

That first record of yours, my child name scrawled across it, a Christmas present Meet the Beatles (they’ll never last…) sits in the closet well preserved.  Upon the blustery, forbidden moor, you wander, free from wanting hands, but wanting hearts still search you out. You strike in defense “Leave me be – you didn’t know me.” […]

The Horror of Your Wake

Your heart, your poor damaged heart. On every wall reams of butcher paper taped, aborted babies fed to snakes (umbilical cords still attached) by twenty foot demon women, * * * laughing all crayoned in the most vibrant of hues, surrounded by pagan symbols, no inch of paper left to white. You always liked color “She used […]

Sunburnt Toes in the Wind

Sanders has a beautiful wife, skin of light coffee and the kind of fragile bones that diamonds shine brightly on, her eyes dark like a banshee. Even the wives and consorts sitting on the back of the yacht agree.  Of course, Sanders’ wife is a young thing.  To say anything catty about her would only […]

Sometimes the Heart Just Closes

In honor of Holocaust Remembrance – Amy’s Story My parents died when I was eighteen. It happened a long time ago.  What does it matter? It was a concentration camp and they are dead and it was a long time ago. Why travel? I play bridge. I’m a Life Master. I don’t play with amateurs; […]

The Consequences of Fornication

Over Christmas I got an out-of-the-blue email from someone I rarely hear from and have little in common with however he and I have one of those bonds that cannot be explained and will never be broken.  You see,  we knew and loved the same person.  A woman whose crystal heart broke early on, leaving […]

The Circle at the Top of the Hill

Dottie would have never let this happen, Gram thought as she said goodbye to the house she was born in, her son calling impatiently from the back door.  Oh, Dottie might have said many times “when you’re too old, Gram, into the home you go.”  But she would have never followed through. “Ma, hurry up […]