Minuets of da Broad, writ by Girl Pokey

Girl Pokey couldn’t wait to tell her PO that she’d gotten a job only four days after being paroled. “I knew I’d git it cuz I know all about motorsickles,” she told her PO, “but I didn’t see any.” “Well it was only your first day.  What did they have you do?”  “Well, I showed […]

Just One Question

This is a continuation of Tom Bean and before that: Their Glorious Almost   Fiona slept in the basement with my father’s tools and guns.  Frogs were her personal saviors, the more bizarre their behaviors, their coloring or their venom, the more they delighted her. She kept her dark hair at an even inch all around and […]

Jumping Over Babies To Remove Sin

Originally posted on Reality Decoded:
Baby jumping is a traditional Spanish holiday dating back to the 1620s that take place annually to celebrate the?Catholic feast of Corpus Christi in Castrillo de Murcia, Sasamón, province of Burgos. El Salto del Colacho (the devil’s jump) Men dressed as the Devil (known as?the Colacho) in red and yellow…

Tom Bean

A continuation of Their Glorious Almost In the 1960s corpses were routinely fished from the Truckee River but, being predominately the result of bad guy on bad guy crime, the newspapers rarely took note.  The casinos that ran the town administered their own justice⏤much to the relief of the local police⏤and they didn’t want that […]

Their Glorious Almost

The Riverside is still standing.  I don’t know why that always amazes me but it does, maybe because in Reno the city fathers have no idea what to do with historic buildings except to blow them up and in their place build parking lots.  Of course, the Riverside is no longer a hotel.  There’s an […]


It looks dystopian outside, an old friend wrote via email.  He’s directly downwind from the disaster which we are all now breathing into our bodies despite double-paned windows and a distance of one hundred miles. And it will become part of us and we will age and breathing will never be the same again. He […]