So Say the Winos, Part 3

“Come on now, honey bunches, be good to your man.” the behemoth said as he dragged the girl back into the shadows. Hitting him with her guitar repeatedly did nothing and so she reached into her coat and pulled forth rosary beads.. The creature’s eyes widened. What was his pet dangling in front of his […]

So say the winos, part two

It was a girl.  A girl with a Botticelli face dressed in bell-bottoms and a pea jacket standing in the mist rising from the sewers. She couldn’t have been more than sixteen. “What are you doing here?”  He demanded. “We need gas. We got lost driving around the city and then we saw your station.”  […]

So Say the Winos

Out trespasser! Leave this body before you’re trapped, he thought, but it was too late. “Daniel, what are you doing still here?” Someone yelled. Was he being yelled at? Was that his name – Daniel? “Quit standing in the rain like a friggin’ turkey and go home!” He looked at the heavy book in his […]

Chapter Two is blessed by Barack Obama

“You liked it!”  Officer Goodie handed Chapter One back to Girl.  “I … I don’t ⏤”  In her thirteen years in the field she’d never encountered such a case. Girl had encountered … what had she encountered?  Floating heads in an abandoned warehouse along the Malverde River just south of town.  She knew she should […]

Girl Pokey Done Writ a Romance Novel

“They wanna make me the next Danielle Steele!”  Girl Pokey practically jumped out of her seat when her parole officer asked how the job was going. “Danielle Steele, the romance writer?” “Yes, ma’am.  That’s why I needed the specs. ” Officer Moss had wondered why Girl had requested a pair of glasses when she had […]

Dresden in ruins

Professor LeBon and his family lived in a split level house in the new subdivision which had a floor plan exactly like the others but with the added enhancement of a view.  The “view” was of a sagebrush-filled ravine but that no less diminished its value to the professor’s wife who often remarked that, although […]

Every Five Frigging Minutes

I was going to attempt to be witty but after struggling with Amazon for over a week, witty ain’t me.  Or I ain’t witty. Heck I ain’t even feeling very smart! But somehow we did manage to get Duke’s book published and at a page length that will give the book a spine. To do […]