Girl is walking around in no shoes, her feet are pink and soft at the heel and those delicate pink varnished toes spring up with the bite of gravel. Girl catwalks the center line wearing no clothes. It’s midnight. Her arms reach for the waxing moon and the air as black and empty as space. […]


Almost sleeps on my tongue noxious like monoxide, but the end notes smack of sun singed berries or tamarind spoons in the shade. Of monsoon summer, desert air. Dusty, wet, and swollen- like baking a pan of water in a pit under dirt. And we Nickelodeon bellies, ashy knees, horny toads, mirthful morbid beings. We race bikes […]

The Sky and the Desert

The town I grew up in was originally called Jackass Flats by the black lunged, cruel hearted, pale faced settlers who, with their noble and calloused hands, built the meager spine of shops, saloons and rancher’s reserves which the infrastructure clings to, to this day. The earth is dry and crude, there. Cotton puffed thistles […]