The scent of detergent, rice and roses,tables set with platters of melon like a banner-green, orange, red and yellow,so cold and sweet for the niƱosin their patent mary janes andprincess dresses pastel pink and blue andlittle button down shirts with gelled hairapuesto withtamarind spoonsnext to the cervezanext to the limasnext to the salsanext to the […]

Free Love in the Pacific Northwest

It might besomething like the sun in July,on shoulders flecked with melted ice-hot hot heat on baptized skin,which has nothing at all to do with Christ. Lake Cushman up north,on pristine land, wherethe Skokomish tribe reside. It’s where they teach us how to fathersomething likethe absent yet constant presence,the generous and ruthless bane of water. […]

Ode to Grey

Do you ever care about something,so much that a pressure builds uphot and sweating, red and painful,around that one thing and magnifies it-so that any ebb and flow of energy surrounding that thing,cut and bloody, wet and heady,well you know, iteither gets youstimulant-virgin high orpaints all your reds black,over and over and overuntil suddenly,burst and […]

Apathy’s Sonnet

If there be nothing new but that which is,in tales, in talks, in lore, our dreams restored,Which cast beneath the boot of all we miss,a kiss upon a sordid lip tastes black. Then curling up to paint a mask in words,a master’s tongue monopolizing worth,Among the masses and their tearless eyes,with geeking jaws and laughter […]

Spider Queen

I am the spider queen. Have you seen my spindled legsblack and grey and hurt and splay-these legs of mine if you listen they saydon’t comfort me. In this world made up of dread,don’t waste your time to other me,soon you’ll be deadsoon you’ll know dreadlike I and my many victims know Said.Know Promise.Know Intent.Know […]

You’ll Be My American Boy

He want a soft girl with a hard body,He want a pretty face with a blind eye.He want a sharp tongue with a sloppy mouth, when he finds a good thinghe want a photocopy. He want a clean hand covered in sticky stuff,He want empires plural andRome just ain’t enough,he want a hot fire,he stands […]

I’ll be fine

Cut myself on the thought of you-Well that’s okay baby, hey I don’t mind.Would you believe me if I told youO it’s not the first time?Cos it’s not the first timeI know it’s not the last time. Ripped my heart out just for you,O baby I don’t mind, it’s true-I told you I don’t mind. […]

Something Something Heartache

Y’know babe, sometimesI feel like I got a story to tell,but I was born with my lips sealedand my hands tied andmy face behind a veil. D’you ever feel that way sometimes?Let me see your hands,are they sliced up like mine? Tied by the tender wrists to a zip line-yeah the cord is long, it’s […]

A peach, a song

Given to the rhythm of forgivenesswhen the blade hits andthey say that there was no way to predict this.If I was living in your armsone could say you delivered death’s kiss butin the end it’s all on me I held myself with limp wrists. Given to the nature of distortionin the cold pits,they say a […]

Ode to Sylvia

I’m fucking wasted-I know you know what I mean love cosI know that you have tasted it,something from the bottom of medripping out the bottom of me,liken it to nectar but it’s bitter likelobotomy. Someone said I’m like Plathwith my wordslike they remember that,something like a womb you just ripped open and spread like a […]