Woman’s Ruin

That’s when the white witch realized that to hold the gaze of another’s eyes is to hold a prisoner, to be a captor. And the opal moon, with a mouth ever wailing, crater eyes cold as cosmos, silvered away into the obscurity of rebirth alight with the vorticose reeling of the earth She beheld her […]


That empty clanging corridor is home. Do I dream of my skin dripping red and black like a velvet rose- Even more fragrant than that! Do you know the glory of my pain? In the morning before anyone wakes I sing songs more bright than these A melody about breaking like a leaf and he […]


My man is a wraith, I think I know his face but then it’s different- I think my mind is playing tricks and he won’t let me get a picture I can live with. Inside it’s all space with burning gas combustion lit like roman candles on the mantle piece- I watch it burn down […]

The way it is: 2pac tribute

Munitions tainted, scraps of livid ashes and a task to sell. Was time worth counting back before the bell? What are we working for and when will it come back? A shallow grave and a body that becomes a sack. Flags raised like wreaths around a funeral, Count the bodies of the children at the […]

Something Meaningless

How I envy the bare feet, naked breasts, dancing spines, skeptical eyes of the rare and brilliant indigenous Existing at galactic center among the Truth, surviving the lie of alien technology. O luxury! Coveted sweat and tears! Industrial processed isolated fear. If my mask was not a symbol of blood, I would lay it at […]

Damn, Sylvia

Here in a musty basement, all curdled milk carpet and soot stained walls- who lays carpet in a kitchen? Who lights a fireplace in a matchbox? There, there are windows at the far wall, Rectangles of glass and rain, rain, rain. Beyond them, the bushes and the ferns are ever green. Even in their grey […]


His shoulders are a Great Wall, in front of me in line at the grocery store. He holds a mango, a bunch of carrots and a quart of juice in his arms like clumsy orange triplets. There is a smile under the heavy corner of his mouth that he doesn’t unveil. His eyes are abandoned […]