In his hands he held me a velvet voice bereaving the time is ticking slowly, yet from his lips the drips they drip so sweetly and the liquid is deceiving. Absynthe on his tongue and I can’t get enough I say one more taste of what you call love. Cos I don’t know the language […]

Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s lace grows quiet by the roadside in spring. With brilliant purity, leaves of chartreuse and flowers champagne. With edible bitter roots, wild carrots you could call out by name. Queen Anne’s lace grows dark and brittle as a backdrop by fall. She stays the night just as quiet as before, with a heart […]

Day 3 of 90, part 2

Mic check one two, one two, this ripped seam soul knows no rest, it’s true. I have no peace in my cracked glass heart, my lips are black with hereditary tar- my guilty gut churns the earth with this cover like an oil spill in the salt and sweat of our mother. Did you know […]

Day 3 of 90

But did you not cup the puddle of me in your palms and scold the asphalt for the audacious act of ever touching me? There in the frozen dry air when I walked into the night for the 98th time, this time I wanted to die in the middle of the street beneath the lifted […]

Day 1 of 90

Day 1 of 90 When we embarked on our journey up the coast you said to me, “I am so sure about you about us, I know it’s been bad but please- just trust.” You drove along State route 1, the name of that highway I had to look up even now, because at that […]

Pisces Public Apology

Pisces Public Apology I’m not a rock, I’m water. I will never be still, try to understand that. There will always be a ripple beneath the surface of my clouds There will always be a reaper in my waves. I am the child they called Powder Puff, crying eyes caricature doggy paddling the riptide squinting […]