What’s that feeling? Looking into a flame just long enough for the obscurity of fever to red my cheeks, before the weight of my pebbles and dust put it Out. Diving into a glacial lake, so byzantine blue and pure- Almost. In spite of the spindly moss,the craggy rocks,┬áthe slate at the bottom of it […]


I am a statue with swinging sickles in my hands – I am still but they are perpetual- swing they heavy, love, quick and clunking like the Kamikaze ride at the fair in June. I am grey stone, I’m smooth and I’m cold, but my hands are hot metal- all gears and spinning motors, the […]

Diamond box

Mouse of mine, I’ve made for you a maze. Impenetrable diamond box beneath the earth, swaddled in the sweltering magma like the immortal star under a blanket you have always been. So safe, warm and concealed beneath the shifting plates the winding roadways, shivering mountains. As far as the roads of Agartha will take you […]

The Wall

Distraught with the state of things. You know our elders taught us that love was SUPREME, and just as we came of age they made a public call to hate. I can’t relate to this concept of filing broken people into dust. And leaving our sick to rust, crime rampant in the streets and so […]


The way skin is alchemy to bliss or equation for agony. hexagon kiss and regurgitated antigen- emotion is miasma to his lips like a straight line fearfully stitched closed with fingers adept and fisherman’s thread, no less. My mouth ever opened like a kewpie cherubim abdomen still swollen with the appetite of youth. I’ve never […]

Woman’s Ruin

That’s when the white witch realized that to hold the gaze of another’s eyes is to hold a prisoner, to be a captor. And the opal moon, with a mouth ever wailing, crater eyes cold as cosmos, silvered away into the obscurity of rebirth alight with the vorticose reeling of the earth She beheld her […]


That empty clanging corridor is home. Do I dream of my skin dripping red and black like a velvet rose- Even more fragrant than that! Do you know the glory of my pain? In the morning before anyone wakes I sing songs more bright than these A melody about breaking like a leaf and he […]