Damn, Sylvia

Here in a musty basement, all curdled milk carpet and soot stained walls- who lays carpet in a kitchen? Who lights a fireplace in a matchbox? There, there are windows at the far wall, Rectangles of glass and rain, rain, rain. Beyond them, the bushes and the ferns are ever green. Even in their grey […]


His shoulders are a Great Wall, in front of me in line at the grocery store. He holds a mango, a bunch of carrots and a quart of juice in his arms like clumsy orange triplets. There is a smile under the heavy corner of his mouth that he doesn’t unveil. His eyes are abandoned […]

T o b a c c o

You are not my friend yet I can call upon you any time, If I have a dime, you have the time to Illuminate the night and Fill me with a familiar haze. I know your face, it’s the same every time but I call your cherry every city lit bright with man-made lights. You […]

Autumn Tonic

Well babe, you know those weavers are children in chairs and they’re learning to knit. Come October, the blanket of knots beneath their feet will be lit by a rusted peach sun. Those red breasted robins are pecking the ground like scraping the last serving from the edge of the pan and I won’t be […]

Martyr’s Song

Did a tongue run over lips eclipse the bank of a dry stream like a fish on flips and flopping like dinner, lunch. You found my center and sunk your teeth in, crunch. So my bones gave up the ghost to your lips, a gift. A rift in time, so juicy like limes, belly like […]


I’m not a dead girl, I’m alive! If you look into my eyes, you will see that I am thriving. I am not a dead girl, I’m a drop of living water! If you put me over fire, I get hotter and hotter and hotter. I am not a dead girl, I’m no creature of […]

Ode to a Fuckboy/Sonnet 420

Shall I compare you to a summer blaze? With words that stoke a swagger like a pit. With palms exposed, your eyebrows raised and lit, Or lips downturned in lover’s scorn erased. A tear lapsed dripping down your face In permanent affect, And corners of your lover’s lips a laugh do ready make. And do […]