Pisces Public Apology

Pisces Public Apology I’m not a rock, I’m water. I will never be still, try to understand that. There will always be a ripple beneath the surface of my clouds There will always be a reaper in my waves. I am the child they called Powder Puff, crying eyes caricature doggy paddling the riptide squinting […]

Ariadne and Atlas

O well I woke my voice to croak a tribute, you lift the lead up off my spine, and with every groaning sigh in your lungs you want my own to gently rise. You search the tension in my fight, with a rhythm of sleep to my eyes- you made a tonic for my mind, […]


What do you know about the mechanisms of despondence?   Bury the moving parts under black top soil and oak wood chips- you’ve got to make it look presentable so the people passing by only note, with smiling lips that are already wrapping around the phrases to follow,   “What a clever irrigation system!   […]


Lover, I have loved you with a heart like a fungus, did my blood speck you in spores at the cut? Under your skin So grey, slick and hazy, and so delicate, when you tried to pick me up, my gills split and crumbled with wet. O honey you have loved me with a heart […]


What’s that feeling? Looking into a flame just long enough for the obscurity of fever to red my cheeks, before the weight of my pebbles and dust put it Out. Diving into a glacial lake, so byzantine blue and pure- Almost. In spite of the spindly moss,the craggy rocks,┬áthe slate at the bottom of it […]


I am a statue with swinging sickles in my hands – I am still but they are perpetual- swing they heavy, love, quick and clunking like the Kamikaze ride at the fair in June. I am grey stone, I’m smooth and I’m cold, but my hands are hot metal- all gears and spinning motors, the […]

Diamond box

Mouse of mine, I’ve made for you a maze. Impenetrable diamond box beneath the earth, swaddled in the sweltering magma like the immortal star under a blanket you have always been. So safe, warm and concealed beneath the shifting plates the winding roadways, shivering mountains. As far as the roads of Agartha will take you […]