Five Things You Absolutely Do Not Need To Know

The other day I clicked on one those info blogs that pop up all the time on Facebook with enticing titles like “10 Stars Who Aged Badly” or “Stars’ Mug Shots” – which you click on because we’re all evil minded little shits, aren’t we?  Anyway, the one I clicked was: Five Facts About Donald […]

Chemical Birds and Breathing Rocks

To quote Duke Miller “People are doomed, but the earth will do just fine.  A few billion years will cure everything and chemical birds and breathing rocks will rule.  I note that Chernobyl is thriving.” He is, of course, right.  Animal populations are on the rise in  Chernobyl, primarily because there are no people. Wolves are particularly […]

The Heart is a Stranded Vessel

Once upon a time and long ago,  I ventured into a land called Wattpad,  as did other writers in search of the illusive character known as The Serious Reader: one who might buy your books or at least check out your fledgling blog.  For several months or maybe a year or two, (I’m losing my […]

You’re a Lying Pile of Shit

What exactly in the phrase “You’re a lying pile of shit” turns a man on?  Makes him wants to pork you in the kitchen, grope you in the den, or ball you in the hall? Beats me.    Sex Fiend: “You don’t load the dishwasher right.”  Me: “Really.  It’s a frigging dishwasher.  You throw the […]