Last Night’s Lover

(this is the last excerpt from Horrendum Pudendum before publishing, later this year) The above bit of dialogue was the last thing he remembered saying to Percy before his memory blacked out. He’d asked the question not long after getting back to her place from West Seventy6, which meant a large portion of the night […]


Remember standing in line for that one crazy rollercoaster ride with anxious thoughts emerging in the back of your mind. Remember having your ticket taken and being ushered toward your cart with those unnerving thoughts moving closer to the fore. Remember sitting in your cart knowing this is your last chance to bail before the […]

Girl Pokey writes again

At precisely 2:20 pm on February 2, 2020 Parole Officer Moss Goodie got a message that Girl Pokey was waiting in the lobby to see her. Because she was superstitious about such things Moss Goodie googled the date and sure enough, it was the end of the world. “I got the second chapter of The […]

So Say the Winos, Part 4

By the time Daniel arrived at the station the next morning the girls’ car was gone, retrieved, the boss explained, by a couple of pea-brained hippies. “Good,” he said.  Taking them to Marcia had been the right decision. His good deed sustained him through a busy morning fixing tires for teamsters (their only customers) and helping […]

Girl Pokey Done Writ a Romance Novel

“They wanna make me the next Danielle Steele!”  Girl Pokey practically jumped out of her seat when her parole officer asked how the job was going. “Danielle Steele, the romance writer?” “Yes, ma’am.  That’s why I needed the specs. ” Officer Moss had wondered why Girl had requested a pair of glasses when she had […]

Dresden in ruins

Professor LeBon and his family lived in a split level house in the new subdivision which had a floor plan exactly like the others but with the added enhancement of a view.  The “view” was of a sagebrush-filled ravine but that no less diminished its value to the professor’s wife who often remarked that, although […]

Just One Question

This is a continuation of Tom Bean and before that: Their Glorious Almost   Fiona slept in the basement with my father’s tools and guns.  Frogs were her personal saviors, the more bizarre their behaviors, their coloring or their venom, the more they delighted her. She kept her dark hair at an even inch all around and […]