An Anarchist Looks at Life (a speech by Emma Goldman, really, I copy and pasted it here for your enjoyment)

“…For in the last analysis, the grand adventure—which is liberty, the true inspiration of all idealists, poets and artists—is the only human adventure worth striving and living for.”


Man of Large Objects

A guest post from Carol Teltschick His real name was Eric but I’ll always remember him as the man of large objects. I met him at UT Austin when I was working for the Department of Transportation Engineering, one of those hang-on-by-your-fingernails kind of jobs of which I’ve had so many. Eric was our secretary […]

Human Relations

Guest Post by Carol Teltschick McAllister rummaged through his desk looking for a roll of Tums. He had just finished a drive-through lunch and his stomach was a roiling mess of burgers churning in a sea of Diet Coke. As he bent his head to search a drawer, Bertha the tech writer flitted past and […]