She Said her Name Was Hecate

Crazy Dream!! I find myself in a mall with an elderly woman who looks like Mom but, she’s my aunt, although I don’t have any aunts in real life. We’re on a weekend getaway, perhaps engaged in a tryst as there’s a strong sexual undertone, including some touching and even kissing at opportune moments. While […]


Remember standing in line for that one crazy rollercoaster ride with anxious thoughts emerging in the back of your mind. Remember having your ticket taken and being ushered toward your cart with those unnerving thoughts moving closer to the fore. Remember sitting in your cart knowing this is your last chance to bail before the […]

Have Caffeine, Will Travel

A while back I promised to publish at least a bit of Code Slingers, The Musical, a piece I originally wrote for a group of friends I worked with back in the early 1990s. One of my friends called it “A Wacky Light Opera.”   I wrote it while waiting to get laid off and […]

Girl Pokey Done Writ a Romance Novel

“They wanna make me the next Danielle Steele!”  Girl Pokey practically jumped out of her seat when her parole officer asked how the job was going. “Danielle Steele, the romance writer?” “Yes, ma’am.  That’s why I needed the specs. ” Officer Moss had wondered why Girl had requested a pair of glasses when she had […]

Leave Politics to the Pygmies

It started with an itch as all things which destroy do, although which or that or she or he or they or it ⏤ what are they really?   Those demon rashes, those barnacles on your skin, dried by indoor circulation and then exposed to fungi spores that roam fog-filled valleys looking for hosts. Was […]

Smoking ’til the Cowsills come home

User: mikef Host: ts2 Date: Thu 12 Jul 5 09:08:59 PST 1991 Milvia support staff has continued to receive complaints about smoking in the building.  As everyone knows, this is a difficult and delicate issue.  On the one hand there are those who are truly sensitive to so-called “secondary smoke”.  They have complained about becoming […]