So Say the Winos

Out trespasser! Leave this body before you’re trapped, he thought, but it was too late. “Daniel, what are you doing still here?” Someone yelled. Was he being yelled at? Was that his name – Daniel? “Quit standing in the rain like a friggin’ turkey and go home!” He looked at the heavy book in his […]

Dresden in ruins

Professor LeBon and his family lived in a split level house in the new subdivision which had a floor plan exactly like the others but with the added enhancement of a view.  The “view” was of a sagebrush-filled ravine but that no less diminished its value to the professor’s wife who often remarked that, although […]

The Wake of Grandma Sauer

This is the fourth installation of The Riverside.  The first is here. The second here. The third here. “Miss Muselik, you do know that half the town will be here shortly.  It’s a spur of the moment wake for old lady Sauer who they buried today,”  Fi said as she handed the Ouija board to […]

Just One Question

This is a continuation of Tom Bean and before that: Their Glorious Almost   Fiona slept in the basement with my father’s tools and guns.  Frogs were her personal saviors, the more bizarre their behaviors, their coloring or their venom, the more they delighted her. She kept her dark hair at an even inch all around and […]

Their Glorious Almost

The Riverside is still standing.  I don’t know why that always amazes me but it does, maybe because in Reno the city fathers have no idea what to do with historic buildings except to blow them up and in their place build parking lots.  Of course, the Riverside is no longer a hotel.  There’s an […]

Dem Dam Hippies in Have-You-Been-Saved Misery, Part 2

Part One is here Throughout the day winds howled as an ice monster crept over the town, his goal, to flash freeze everything living and lock us all in houses where our illusion of safety would be challenged by falling trees, downed power lines and out-of-control fires which firemen couldn’t reach.   Between the ho, ho, ho […]

Dem Dam Hippies in Have-You-Been-Saved Misery

Originally posted on JT Twissel in 2013, my first year of blogging. My children call this my favorite Christmas story to tell.  They had no tree, they had no presents but they did have…. The year the Hong Kong flu swept the country, killing thousands and leaving others to beg for death, I was temping […]