Emmaline had sprung for a round trip ticket from St. Louis to Reno. It only made two stops on the way out: At fucking Midway Airport in the goddamn city of Chicago and at fucking Denver International where her brother Ug lived with that bitch he called a wife. Did she want to meet her […]


She Said her Name Was Hecate

Crazy Dream!! I find myself in a mall with an elderly woman who looks like Mom but, she’s my aunt, although I don’t have any aunts in real life. We’re on a weekend getaway, engaged in an incestuous tryst as there’s a strong sexual undertone, including some touching and even kissing at opportune moments. While […]

An Entire Sky

Sometimes April was nice.  Not too hot, tall white clouds slowly moving in the breeze.  There were six or seven of us who would meet at a chain-link backstop on a rocky field to play baseball.  The area was famous for the bonfire which was lit the day before every Thanksgiving as a burning reminder […]

Roads And Borders

He was sick.  Something vague, but growing.  He had nearly always been sick.  Not as a baby, but by three he had real trouble breathing.  Oxygen tents and concerned people. The lung difficulty stayed with him as an adult, until he stopped eating certain foods.  Innocent breads and cakes delivered the allergy.  Poor breathing eventually […]

Stone Pages

There is no page 1, with the accurate numbers of mouths filled with dirt, how many worms turned, arguments over money, criminals at work or really anything at all I never did that, no photos, no diary, no tapes … my blood was too dry, my fever waited in the warehouse, beside the cot, forcing […]

The Bummer Speeds Up

“He woke up most days before dawn.  Two sleeping dog faces near his head.  The three bodies formed a breathing blanket that stretched over the mountains and the snow and up to the northern climes.  The fire was down to coals and the room was icy.  He could see the red glow reflect off the […]

Goodhearted Trouble

I was in Seattle faking people out for $210 a day, but the rusty-gear people were a pain … men who walked around like flour sacks spilling whiteness everywhere and frowning women who’d grind their teeth because I liked a black transgender female who did her job better than they did That, of course, was […]

The Adagio Of My Life

There is much of my life that is an adagio in minor keys.  Composed and performed by the unhappy ones, the ones who had little choice in the matter.  Unmoving upon the ground, after the fall, in their cold ways.  Refugees have always been a problem in Europe.  We tend to forget that.  Each refugee […]