Rippled Silence

i was the blind man in the art museum and you were the stranger who sat down beside me and described in the most beautiful way that which i longed to see and i liked your sweet voice so i moved my hand toward yours and you let them touch and we sat there a […]

Five Haikus Before Seven Minute Shower

1 Hands strangle cereal Cold white blood trickles down chin Morning ghost breakfast 2 Atomic bombs kill Dissonant music albums Carbon shadows gripe 3 Bodies are trouble Bad stories, stretched out, waiting Bus stops, no buses 4 Japanese painter Organs hanging on streaked wall Colors turn silent 5 Mind retreats to bed Armies attack in […]

Haiku For Missa Him

1 It was a cold night I put blankets on the dog She burned in the fire 2 Seven sounds of dreams Listening in the silence No one hears but us 3 She runs in the flames Her coat blue, orange, and red I stroke her hot head 4 Her breath seven words Pain, fear, […]

When The Black Earth Fails

I was beside myself So I called Missa Him outside for a bath She was trusting in the cold long light And the shafts came low across the yard like heralds with shinning shields Afterward, I sat beneath a tree and cried I cried as Missa Him looked into my face But I was not […]


The weather is the only friend I have.  I’d like others, but I’m too ashamed of who I am.   It’s hard for me to speak, to control my breathing.  I end up in a kind of spotlight that freezes me in place, nailed to the boards.  Sometimes I’m like a horse at the starting […]


People have changed They no longer lock themselves in the bathroom after a fight They don’t drink with horses in some field on a cold night No more small dinner parties where the man makes a pass at the neighbor’s wife while she helps with the dishes in the kitchen that’s bathed with convenient half-light […]


I wonder when you knew you were sick Not just the normal stuff that followed you around like rags and bones, dry lumps along the road … those friendly enemies, the ones you contemplated after the fact No, a different sort of bug, not a bullet or bomb, not the gaping, frozen forms in the […]


edict injunction wailing freight, rolling thunder, sizzling rain, squawking jay innovate our way out of trouble hang our cloak on the wind give us a fulcrum to move the world indeed, clearly the urge to save humanity can be a false pretense for other urges simple answers to complex problems are mostly wrong and the […]