Up Coal Canyon

I do not think it matters, she says … then there is a pause ⏤ an ellipses or an em dash? Machts nichts, mein leibchen. Then fighting through rushes too thick for ticks smelling primordial like a freight train breathing up coal canyon. I think it does, he says … then there is a pause […]

To a Friend in a Funk

Sometimes I know, what is being said, even when it’s not being said and other times, I do not. To assume is a gamble and I am not a gambler. I may have been at one time, but now I only go with the true, and that is you. We weave complicated webs around each […]

¡Feliz cumpleaños! Tia Lieca

Guac and chips on the kitchen table, salsa and humus. Grandes sobrinas chase their children and their dogs down the endless halls. Wasn’t there a cat once? Tia shuffles through the busy kitchen, inspects the rellenos and posole, reaches for a baby and is told to sit. “But I only want to hold the baby, […]

The Horror of Your Wake

Your heart, your poor damaged heart. On every wall reams of butcher paper taped, aborted babies fed to snakes (umbilical cords still attached) by twenty foot demon women, * * * laughing all crayoned in the most vibrant of hues, surrounded by pagan symbols, no inch of paper left to white. You always liked color “She used […]