Nightly News

I saw a child on the nightly news Playing with a toy inside a room being used As a shelter from The Bomb’s long burning fuse The mother was there being interviewed ‘Cause war had broken out all over the place And when the microphone tilted toward her face She spoke about the future of […]


To Andy Campbell, ex-friend, liar, backstabber, and deceiver, Congratulations, leaving my night vision binoculars at the scene of YOUR crime was a pretty clever thing to do. I’m guessing you figured my fingerprints would seal the deal, but how did you know about my arrest back when I was a stupid kid? I never said […]

Tom Bean

A continuation of Their Glorious Almost In the 1960s corpses were routinely fished from the Truckee River but, being predominately the result of bad guy on bad guy crime, the newspapers rarely took note.  The casinos that ran the town administered their own justice⏤much to the relief of the local police⏤and they didn’t want that […]