Slow Train

THE LETTER RESTS in peripheral vision instead of an envelope. It comes from the side silently like the sound of paper in a mailbox. The friend of a lover delivers it in slow motion through the hot air of a stuffy bureau in a polluted city filled with refugees. Time pushes it along like hands […]

The Golden Ratio

Wendy sits in front of me.  We are silent and one side of her face shines with spit.  I’d licked her cheek and left a blob of saliva on her skin just like she did to me the first time we made love.  She has a thing for sexual spitting. The evening from about ten […]

The Truth of My Writing

She waits at her kitchen table for nothing. The passing moments keep her company and they glide in front of her face, leaving a faraway glaze upon her eyes. Most of her family is underground and her brother is in jail.  Everything is distorted, vile. Governments have come and gone, but still her name waits […]

Five Minutes in the Life of Duke Miller

(This is a cutting from Living and Dying with Dogs: Turbo Edition.) Part I: Mexico I’m in Mazatlán, sitting at my favorite outdoor bar very near the classic Hotel Belmar, where Duke Wayne and John Huston used to stay in the top floor facing the sea. It’s worth noting that Wayne married a Mexican and […]