If it’s all the same to you…


Curious Seasons

The cloud bank rolls toward you, pushed by the wind from a storm far away…inevitably, sadly…rabbit and all, running across the setting sun.  A soft, moving wall that lifts your thoughts and there is everything in front of you, everything that is no more.  You have followed the campesino’s finger to the top of the […]

I Don’t Think You Understand

What could have been or should have been but wasn’t, is how we live.  Like cards falling upon the table, floating down upon the felt green for all to see.  One wins or loses or breaks even, but there is the inevitable accounting.  Our lives in stop motion, because it is only after the fact […]

Not mine but mine and yours … the earth

“Our culture does not know the dream of the individual, the single person.  We have never lived with the dream of the self-made man.  We only know a world of symbiotic coexistence, one universe, and shared perpetual interconnectivity.  And that is what we wish to share, considering the destruction of the headwaters of the Amazon […]