You’re Not Listening

All of this is new to me.  No logic at the end, since it seems to come before we have a chance. That’s not true, we all have our chances.  Well maybe not all of us.  Weep over the little ones wherever they may be.  The ones who stagger around in the mountains or the […]

Half A Breath

I MET A YOUNG BOSNIAN WOMAN in Sarajevo who told me there “was nothing like love in Sarajevo during the siege.” All the joy and sadness in the world enriched her eyes. They shone like two tears of blue obsidian.  Over a beer, she showed me a set of song lyrics she had written.  “This […]

The Golden Ratio

Wendy sits in front of me.  We are silent and one side of her face shines with spit.  I’d licked her cheek and left a blob of saliva on her skin just like she did to me the first time we made love.  She has a thing for sexual spitting. The evening from about ten […]

For Craig (of course)

Left wondering if it feels like hell to be the lover who comes after the fallout of the first? I am not willing to take steps in any direction because I am yours, of course, my darling. Like your mother was as she touched your tender cheek. Like all I want is to be the […]