The Early Morning of Ivory

Where is the desert in my body?  Where is the deep crack in the earth from whence rises my will?  Surely there are towers of ice shadowing the undulation of my ribs and there must be stretches of waterless sand shifting across my heart and spilling into the hollows of my stomach. No more, only […]

The Circle at the Top of the Hill, Part 2

Part 1 here There wasn’t room for her in the Residents’ wing so they put Gram upstairs in Memory Care.  Just for the night, they promised,  just for the night.  Lordy haven’t I been the fool, she thought, expecting my son to have worked everything out ahead of time instead of just dumping me here.  […]

Five Minutes in the Life of Duke Miller

(This is a cutting from Living and Dying with Dogs: Turbo Edition.) Part I: Mexico I’m in Mazatlán, sitting at my favorite outdoor bar very near the classic Hotel Belmar, where Duke Wayne and John Huston used to stay in the top floor facing the sea. It’s worth noting that Wayne married a Mexican and […]

In Case We Fade to Dark

A blog can go up in smoke at any moment for any of a dozen reasons. Bloggers get exhausted or discouraged or just don’t want to play the game anymore. They post a “gone fishing” sign as if they will return one day but they don’t. They float away and become one less star in […]