We Lost The War

Dear Jan and Aaron, So, I’m standing here feeling sorry for myself, what with the pain and all, and so I doubled my dose of Gaba pain killers, the kind that stalk your nerves searching for messages to squash before the brain gets ahold of them.  Surprise, I’m getting very high.  If you don’t know […]


This I Know

Dear A. Mole, Let me see now.  In the following, I’m not talking about instinctual reactions of fight or flight.  I’m talking about the roads we travel.  The map we carry and when we come to signs that point in opposite directions, we pause.  Hmm, we have a few minutes or a day to decide […]

A Warm Bath

The seasons lifting forgotten wings, thin and worn Birds two by two high above me and you The shadow of their line against the moon A desperate pair in blue, like a torn cloth wrapped round and round horses beaten by the mawle of war It’s hard to watch horses die, their eyes so big […]

The Perfect Admin

Technically, Pauline reported to the director of Research and Development.. There had been many directors during the twenty years the company had existed but only one Pauline. One Pauline to greet each new director. One Pauline to ensure his needs were met. One Pauline to introduce him to the staff and company procedures. One Pauline. […]

Unopened Messages In Everyone’s Room

When the stress builds inside and the mind is finally cleared A sick therapy staggers to life Friends and family leave through the ears So too the lovers All floating away Only the bastards remain They are making people disappear at all hours of the day Knocking on doors like grim-faced disease Pulling over cars […]

Infinite Basketball

She often concentrated upon the little mist animals that swirled around in the darkness.  Secure in her place between time and space, accustomed to the slant of starlight where nothing ever remained the same.  All in perpetual motion unseen by the naked eye.  Once she lost one hundred and fifty-five pounds in six months.  A […]

Being Funny And Happy Is Not In The Cards

She downloaded forty Christmas movies but we never watched any of them The ice storm entered her hands and she was unable to hold the controller, push the little buttons Darkness came into the room and the depth of her paralysis went through the floor and rode the rats running in the basement What a […]