The healing power of tabloid journalism

(this is part five of a WIP with the working title of The Circle at the Top of the Hill) All her life Gram had followed the same morning routine and it always included a donut or some other sweet for breakfast.  And then, when did it happen?  Sometime in the nineteen seventies.  Suddenly sugar […]

Human Relations

Guest Post by Carol Teltschick McAllister rummaged through his desk looking for a roll of Tums. He had just finished a drive-through lunch and his stomach was a roiling mess of burgers churning in a sea of Diet Coke. As he bent his head to search a drawer, Bertha the tech writer flitted past and […]

Temples Damp with Sweat

“The mushrooms faded. His exhaustion emerged. The tree fort wasn’t big enough, so he opened the first aid kit, took out the emergency blanket, wrapped himself in silver, and laid beside the fire. Salt and vinegar chips quelled his hunger, as he studied the stars of the Pleiades, and drifted off to sleep…”

The Circle, Part Four

Part One Part Two Part Three Before Gram could force her mind on to a more pleasant memory than the Wickwester Disaster which, after all,  happened 71 years ago,  she heard voices outside her door.  “So, Dr. Johnson, what’s your expert diagnosis?” “You don’t have to be sarcastic. All I’m saying is I don’t think […]

I Thought You Were Dead

His apartment was on the second floor of a three-story building.  On the top lived a woman and her five-year-old son.  She was married to a captain in the Croat army.  He was usually at the front, although sometimes he came home with his guns for a few hours of leave.  The fighting was only […]