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From time to time, we actually get our act together and publish a book.  It’s not an easy process, primarily because we each have our own peculiarities.  We wouldn’t be able to keep publishing without generous support from John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal of Long Island and readers like you. Thank you.

Below are our humble offerings.




Title: Writing for the Absent Reader, a Blog to Book

Genre/Keywords: Short Stories, Magical Realism
Length:244 pages
Publisher: John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal
Release date: June 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9979426-9
Purchase: Amazon

Book Summary:

These posts were taken directly from Tinhatsblog, for the most part, exactly as written.  They are reactions to the events of the day, stream of consciousness meanderings, memories, love notes, and glimpses of works in progress.

Reviews of WFTAR

Title: Living and Dying with Dogs, Turbo Edition

Genre/Keywords: Magical Realism, relief work, refugees
Length:323 pages
Publisher: John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal
Release date: November 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9979426-1-3
Purchase: Amazon

Book Summary:  A disjointed journey through a long list of wars and refugee catastrophes with everything you probably don’t want to know about.  Sex, drugs, drinking, gambling, death, dying, and destruction.  Never carry a gun, always act innocent, and keep questions to a minimum because eventually you may not like the answers.  Emergency refugee relief from the mud up.  The big birds at Oxfam and the UN would not approve.    






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