John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal Publishing, Long Island NY

Every now and then one of the Tinhatters publishes a book under the John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal Publishing label. Below are our offerings.


Aaron is a Canadian author whose characters are often people living on the edge.

“Life’s beauty was there in the sweep of stars, some dying, some being born, some long dead but still shining for the time being, and those were his stars, glimmering like blood diamonds in a constellation of shame. His vision blurred with a warning of tears, mocking his claim on indifference. Pulling knees into chest, he braced for impact, as the same throe of despair circled back around, hitting him square in the heart, just as hard as it did the day her body was found…


Just Released


Like Duke Miller, Carol grew up in rural Texas and left after college to see the world. She had a life committed to ecology, feminism, and adventure. Sadly she passed away just after the publication of I Once Walked Barefoot.


Genre/Keywords: Short Stories, Eco-Feminism, biotech warning
Length: 149 pages
Publisher: John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal
Release date: January 2021
ISBN: 978-0997942644
Purchase: On Amazon
Book Summary: These stories range in setting from rural Texas to a small village in Kenya with themes that tackle the dangers of biotech’s effort to promise eternal youth, the callousness of modern medicine, the double standard women are forced to bear, and the insanity brought on by decades of global betrayal and mistrust. Some are comically wrought while others read like a vision of a deeply dystopian world. Only, that world is here and now.

Title: Writing for the Absent Reader, a Blog to Book
By Aaron Asselstine, Duke Miller and JT Twissel
Genre/Keywords: Short Stories, Magical Realism
Length: 244 pages
Publisher: John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal
Release date: June 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9979426-9
Purchase: Amazon

Book Summary:
These posts were taken directly from Tinhatsblog, for the most part, exactly as written.  They are reactions to the events of the day, stream of consciousness meanderings, memories, love notes, and glimpses of works in progress.

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