My Creed for $9.50 a Copy

I woke this morning and realized I had no creed.  So I went down to  a local bar for a plate of chilaquiles and a michelada.  I took out some paper napkins and a pen and began to write my creed.  A feeling of excitement came over me.  This was similar to the gold plates […]

Autumn Tonic

Well babe, you know those weavers are children in chairs and they’re learning to knit. Come October, the blanket of knots beneath their feet will be lit by a rusted peach sun. Those red breasted robins are pecking the ground like scraping the last serving from the edge of the pan and I won’t be […]

Martyr’s Song

Did a tongue run over lips eclipse the bank of a dry stream like a fish on flips and flopping like dinner, lunch. You found my center and sunk your teeth in, crunch. So my bones gave up the ghost to your lips, a gift. A rift in time, so juicy like limes, belly like […]

The Early Morning of Ivory

Where is the desert in my body?  Where is the deep crack in the earth from whence rises my will?  Surely there are towers of ice shadowing the undulation of my ribs and there must be stretches of waterless sand shifting across my heart and spilling into the hollows of my stomach. No more, only […]