Taxi Ride to the Doctor

San Miguel de Allende is my home now: self-exiled from “el otro lado”.  I am trying to escape the politics of my life, but everything is such a graphic image or a shrill announcement on the news.  Pain follows me around like a starving child.  Why would anyone ever ignore some dying kid?  It happens.  […]


When I was a girl, I kept my proud collection of marbles and glass pebbles in a silk drawstring bag. The bag itself was nothing special, but I liked the way the fabric glistened silver-blue beneath the light. The charcoal grey ribbon at the opening had amber beads at each end. Which, to me, was […]


A ruby throated hummingbird’s heart beats up to 1200 times per minute, that’s 20 supersonic beats per second. Black marble eyes take up much of her head and bear the technological distinction of telescopic fovea. These extra muscles magnify the center of her vision field- a fine accessory to motorized wings, mathematical cognition and godly […]


She was all black and every color. She ate the earth’s desolation in morsels, in dutiful caustic nibbles like red chili flakes. And She was a cold marble or a readied grave that he wanted to lie on, to die in. She saw the calling of death in his face [like a neon sign outside […]

Blackberry Bush (Bitch, Bye)

Should I apologize for thorny vines? Even though I saw the hungry gleam in your eyes as you lifted the cotton belly of your shirt into a makeshift basket. And mouth watering, purple finger tips twitching to pick my berries through the brambles. You stole a treat, blue lips couldn’t handle the heat in my […]


His way is not the gentle swiping of a strand of hair behind the ear, prelude to a kiss like melted chocolate and intricate macrame craftsmanship labeled Intimacy. Those are my trademarks. He has this domineering silence about him, whips the room into a storm at sea and then he calls on the calm so […]