The Book of Lenny, Verse 10.1.2017

After Lenny fired he lowered the rifle and stood on the ridge looking down at the scene unfolding below.  He didn’t feel a thing except maybe surprise.  In only one shot he’d hit a target over 150 feet away.  Pretty damn good, he thought.  Pretty damn good.  He’d make sure his brother pointed out that […]

Turning the Earth Over

Sleep and then awake, fumbling for the light, reaching over the bedside feeling for a Chekhov, a Carver, or where is that Koestler anyway?  Finally I grasp the Chekhov.  His words are a spade in the dim light, turning over the thawing earth, cutting the worms, replenishing the soil for a new seed and then […]

Changing a Book Title

Why do anything?  Is it the pain?  Does the struggle to breathe in those first few newborn seconds set the tone for the rest of our lives?  I think so.  Pain, either felt or avoided, is what moves us along toward our ultimate end.  Once I was on a bad bus and composed this line: […]

Dying by a Lake in England

THE MARRIED COUPLE came into my office upset.  He was about fifty years old and looked like somebody had switched his head with a skeleton’s skull. She was pretty and younger, but her eyes were two black tunnels drilled into the side of a German mountain. There was probably no way out of the darkness […]


As usual I am confused.  Is public weeping good or bad?  Even if being empathetic leads to depression, is that still okay?  Is there anything known as “healthy anxiety”?  If you become immobile on the sidewalk due to unexpected gravity, the kind that glazes your eyeballs with clear honey, are you still obligated to answer […]