Cold Lava

He rejoiced in the sight of his opening scene, feverishly splashed across the page after months of false starts. The words before him were fresh as wet paint, yet they seemed conjured long ago in a dream finally come true. His previous attempts at becoming a playwright had failed because each laboured sentence lacked authenticity, […]

Fruit Bat

LOBSTER ICE CREAM A tragicomedy in two acts Act One, Scene One Upstage right, Jude Wintermilk sits hunched over a desk lit by a small lamp in an otherwise dark bedroom. While threading a blank sheet of paper into his thrift store typewriter—a barely functioning antique acquired for its twee appeal—he begins thinking out loud […]


They met at the pharmacy next to the theatre—her in a colourful ensemble, him in all black. He was a lighting director on dinner break, in search of a new ballpoint pen, and she was a therapy clown, fresh off a shift at the hospital. If he hadn’t been staring at his phone, he would’ve […]

Custos Damnationem

Tinhatter Aaron has a new book available for sale on Amazon. I haven’t read it yet but, after I do, I will post a review. Meanwhile, here is a synopsis: Custos Damnationem is a fictional memoir, a fauxmoir, if you will. What were my objectives? Chief among them was to subvert hate, in both its […]