Worm of Hopelessness

I’m hardly the monster the prosecution made me out to be. For what it’s worth, Mom used to say I was the calmest little baby she’d ever seen; barely cried at all. The fact that I even survived is a miracle, considering I exited her juvenile womb three months early, weighing just over a pound. […]

Cleaner Thinks He’s Jesus

Life is full of things that wither in the absence of use. My dream of becoming an astronaut faded into oblivion after watching the Space Shuttle explode on live TV like a propane tank at a family cookout. Years later, my rock star aspirations shrank into the shadows when I finally realized my songs weren’t […]

Only the Best Hookers for Jesus

Babyboy Prez received a time out the other day.  His generals locked away his favorite toy – the lovely box with the red button that only he could push.  And why did Babyboy Prez get a time out?  Because he was furious with the Pope for not recognizing him as the new Messiah and proceeded […]