Leave Politics to the Pygmies

It started with an itch as all things which destroy do, although which or that or she or he or they or it ⏤ what are they really?   Those demon rashes, those barnacles on your skin, dried by indoor circulation and then exposed to fungi spores that roam fog-filled valleys looking for hosts. Was […]

Only the Best Hookers for Jesus

Babyboy Prez received a time out the other day.  His generals locked away his favorite toy – the lovely box with the red button that only he could push.  And why did Babyboy Prez get a time out?  Because he was furious with the Pope for not recognizing him as the new Messiah and proceeded […]

Five Things You Absolutely Do Not Need To Know

The other day I clicked on one those info blogs that pop up all the time on Facebook with enticing titles like “10 Stars Who Aged Badly” or “Stars’ Mug Shots” – which you click on because we’re all evil minded little shits, aren’t we?  Anyway, the one I clicked was: Five Facts About Donald […]