Duke Miller

Many things could be said about the writing of Duke Miller, but this tends to sum it up. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Walt Kelly, Pogo to Porkypine, 1971.


JT Twissel

Jan lives, where else, near San Francisco and loves the fog. She’s written three now out-of-print books, sculpts winged heads from clay, paints on giant canvases,  watches B&W movies, and listens to Bach a lot.

Aaron Louis Asselstine

If a drug addicted funeral director and a sexually compulsive Jungian analyst had a bastard child, it would grow up to find catharsis in the works of Aaron Louis Asselstine.

Kari Bijou

Kari is an Arizona native who has found a home in the pacific northwest among the rhododendron, the rain and the antifa punks. When life gives her lemons, she makes bitter words.