Long Live Schmaltzy!

We must now give homage to our patron saint, John of John’s Motorcycle Storage and Rare Book Disposal by making a serious effort to pay him back for giving our sorrowful voices the will to fly in the face of certain doom. The original members of Tinhatsblog (below) will keep the blog alive but it may be at a quieter pace.  If you would like to contribute, by all means leave us a note on the Contact page.

Duke Miller

Many things could be said about the writing of Duke Miller, but this tends to sum it up. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Walt Kelly, Pogo to Porkypine, 1971.

Duke is also a regular contributor to Lokkal, an on-line magazine for ex-pats living in Mexico. He recently published Living and Dying with Dogs, Turbo Edition and is working on a compilation of his short stories.

JT Twissel

In the words of Rabindranath Tagore, “While God waits for His temple to be built of love, men bring stones.” And that’s all she has to say about the dreary state of the world.

Jan is currently working on the second edition Flipka. Eventually she may get around to republishing the other two. Who knows?  She is a frequent contributor to JT Twissel, a blog which can be viewed by her mother. Well, most of the time.

Aaron Louis Asselstine

From roofing to road kill removal to cleaning toilets at national banks; Aaron has done what it takes to keep the wolf from the door. Someone should probably tell him that proverbial wolves give no quarter to lowly writers.

Aaron finished rewriting his first two books, both of which involve road trips and compromising situations. They were published in a single volume entitled Fructus Autumni Auctorum, in the fall of 2019. His newest book, Liber Prohibitorum, was just recently published.

Kari Bijou

Kari is an Arizona native who has found a home in the pacific northwest among the rhododendron, the rain and the antifa punks. When life gives her lemons, she makes bitter words.

You can read more of Kari’s work on her website.