The Graviton Continues to Elude Us

I turned the rear-view mirror toward me…


Man of Large Objects

A guest post from Carol Teltschick His real name was Eric but I’ll always remember him as the man of large objects. I met him at UT Austin when I was working for the Department of Transportation Engineering, one of those hang-on-by-your-fingernails kind of jobs of which I’ve had so many. Eric was our secretary […]

Woman’s Ruin

That’s when the white witch realized that to hold the gaze of another’s eyes is to hold a prisoner, to be a captor. And the opal moon, with a mouth ever wailing, crater eyes cold as cosmos, silvered away into the obscurity of rebirth alight with the vorticose reeling of the earth She beheld her […]


That empty clanging corridor is home. Do I dream of my skin dripping red and black like a velvet rose- Even more fragrant than that! Do you know the glory of my pain? In the morning before anyone wakes I sing songs more bright than these A melody about breaking like a leaf and he […]


My man is a wraith, I think I know his face but then it’s different- I think my mind is playing tricks and he won’t let me get a picture I can live with. Inside it’s all space with burning gas combustion lit like roman candles on the mantle piece- I watch it burn down […]

Leave Politics to the Pygmies

It started with an itch as all things which destroy do, although which or that or she or he or they or it ⏤ what are they really?   Those demon rashes, those barnacles on your skin, dried by indoor circulation and then exposed to fungi spores that roam fog-filled valleys looking for hosts. Was […]

Our Fingertips Touching

Carol was coming down for a few days to get her mojo back on.  She’d been to Mexico before, but mostly to Tijuana dive bars where she had looked to bag men with sufficient amounts of strangeness and good teeth.  We were a pair.  I was the sane one, the tall one, the one who […]