Gollum Jr. with a side of Plato

I don’t think I hate myself that much more than the average person hates themselves…


A Rendezvous on the Beach

After midnight there was no traffic on the road separating the condo from the beach but we couldn’t see the ocean; we could only hear the waves slapping the sand.   “I think that’s Orion’s Belt,” I commented as though I knew the constellations well.  Above were zillions of stars in a moonless night.   Jane had […]

Her Silent Language

You feel that way, in the shadows, as people walk by.  A dream and a dream again upon the sounds of the city.  Your body unwinds, strands of clear gelatin that move toward a large pipe grating and your face is creamy brown like a camel hair coat.  On an upper floor a couple talks […]

Mr. Tinker Tries to Make a Deal

Waiting for life to load… Mr. Tinker feels bad. Yesterday a woman said, “You look great.”   Maybe, but he’s sick.  Sometimes when a person begins to look younger, trimmer they might be in the first stages of illness: that wonderful time when weight disappears and the skin tightens, just before the life span collapses into […]

Manja Mexi Movie is the Winner

For her brilliant response – green is my favorite color.  The friend is a bug, generally green, and Duke’s favorite color is green.  So send me your particulars Manja. You’re the winner of a paperback version of Living and Dying with Dogs, Turbo Edition! Check out her blog – she’s a brilliant photographer.