The Howler Monkey

I write a letter to an unknown person.  When I finish, I’ll decide who the recipient will be.  Maybe an old lover who still thinks of me or a distant relative who tells people I’m a liar.  Particularly that story about snorting coke with Liz Taylor.  Never did like coke or Taylor. It might take […]

Names and Places Hiding in the Clock

Touching the cold edge of your arm, pulling against the covers, trying not to break you, split you apart like the cannibals do Gisela Maidenbach Soizic Chevrolet Ursula Pusard Burning eyes without water Stanley Geoff Gao Vue Bob Diesel Blanket Missa Him moves about as the killers get their instructions from El Chamorro, in a […]

Have Caffeine, Will Travel

A while back I promised to publish at least a bit of Code Slingers, The Musical, a piece I originally wrote for a group of friends I worked with back in the early 1990s. One of my friends called it “A Wacky Light Opera.”   I wrote it while waiting to get laid off and […]

The Donner Party

You whispered your hair is soft as though surprised. You thought I didn’t hear you but I did I meant to look for Uranus but you distracted me and then … I went to bed with a book. Just one foot in front of the other all my life said Tom Joad. Just one foot […]