The O in Hollywood

The continuing saga of The Demise of Dickey by, and starring, Girl Pokey Trevor Lamour slowly regained consciousness dangling twenty feet in the air from what appeared to be a gigantic O shaped sign. He could feel pain in his right ankle and curled upward until he could see the rope. In horror he realized […]

Becoming Oskar Werner

I’m turning into Oskar Werner.  First it was my hands and feet.  Both became white with strong blue veins.  They are extremities fit for a Parisian bed and a Parisian girl.  Now, the metamorphosis has reached my smile.  It has become a cross between confusion and faint flirtation.  Last night I dreamed about getting sick […]

The Door Bell

I’d met her in a bar filled with ouzo, ice, lime We were swimming in it, holding the ice cubes to stay afloat and she was a pretty good pool player and that’s how I met her She liked to bend over the table and lift her leg up, her high heel dangling, her smooth […]

Cats Swimming In My Heart

Writing a poem and then letting it sit on a hard drive as the world swirls. Day after day it cures electronically and things change and you don’t feel the same way. Somebody dies or goes blind or is deported. The unforeseen forces of the day. A friend loses a job because she gets tired […]

Five Points Of My Life: Point Four

Dear Mother and Dad, Hope everyone is doing well.  Sorry I have not written in a while.  I left Rwanda about four months ago.  I got malaria … again.  I was disappearing in a bathtub like a lot of people do.  My hands and arms were disintegrating. I took something called Lariam for cure.  Mistake.  […]

1 by 5

Sensing is not perceiving, the radio message is not the success or the failure, the words you say are not the cold limbs on the hill … no, sensing is not perceiving … what are the conditions on the ground, over … I’m reading you 1 by 5, say again, over If we are lucky, […]