Time to Feed the Dogs

It’s dark now. My mother is dying a thousand miles to the north.  She lies in a brand new hospital bed comforted by my sisters and two women from Honduras.  She has fallen into the final trap of existence, with deep internal memories, glimpses, grasping, moans, and it has her in a tight, white grip […]


His shoulders are a Great Wall, in front of me in line at the grocery store. He holds a mango, a bunch of carrots and a quart of juice in his arms like clumsy orange triplets. There is a smile under the heavy corner of his mouth that he doesn’t unveil. His eyes are abandoned […]

T o b a c c o

You are not my friend yet I can call upon you any time, If I have a dime, you have the time to Illuminate the night and Fill me with a familiar haze. I know your face, it’s the same every time but I call your cherry every city lit bright with man-made lights. You […]

The Truth of My Writing

She waits at her kitchen table for nothing. The passing moments keep her company and they glide in front of her face, leaving a faraway glaze upon her eyes. Most of her family is underground and her brother is in jail.  Everything is distorted, vile. Governments have come and gone, but still her name waits […]

Day One on the Island

Day Three is Here.  It’s all backwards but such is Life and especially Death Angel met us at the airport with pink plumeria tucked behind her right ear. “I am your parent’s landlady here in Kauai,” she explained. “Your mother, nopoopoo. I drive her.” “She’s our step-mother,” Jane was quick to point out. “But Bob […]