The Microfilm Cubicle

Our bodies were white in the night as we thought about our cases, soon to be closed, and we were mute, looking down upon the pool.  It was late and we were drinking wine thinking about LSD and how the cop in another section of the complex had tried to force his way into her […]


Working out alone, in the prison of my own making, sit ups, pushups, lost time, the bird on my windowsill who comes from afar.  Its colors are not from around here and it’s only visiting me for a few seconds and then I’ll never see it again. People are like that if you can only […]

Every Five Frigging Minutes

I was going to attempt to be witty but after struggling with Amazon for over a week, witty ain’t me.  Or I ain’t witty. Heck I ain’t even feeling very smart! But somehow we did manage to get Duke’s book published and at a page length that will give the book a spine. To do […]

Mental Fiction

The symbols meant that people were thinking about what they wanted to say while somebody was talking.  We all understand this phenomenon and it is a form of reality that has consequences.  Lower market consumption is one.  The numbers I was chalking up on the blackboard went along three sides of a classroom.  The final […]

The Wake of Grandma Sauer

This is the fourth installation of The Riverside.  The first is here. The second here. The third here. “Miss Muselik, you do know that half the town will be here shortly.  It’s a spur of the moment wake for old lady Sauer who they buried today,”  Fi said as she handed the Ouija board to […]

Premature Ejackulation

We (or rather I) launched the ebook of Duke’s Malverde Days before I had uploaded the paperback and subsequently discovered Amazon wasn’t going to give the book a spine wide enough for text. We had too few pages. I asked Senor Duke if going without a spine was an option and he said to me […]