Two Poem Pillow

First poem tossed and turned: I deleted it after eating leftovers from a non-traditional meal of dried bark A confused poem about floating in a black vacuum, like a pirate flag And then there was a dry well and a bunch of people dressed in robes and feathers, buckets of blood, etc. It was lousy […]


Dollar Moose

Both Percy and Bash were rookies in their fields but Bash struggled for confidence, even on a good day, whereas Percy felt like a seasoned pro, or rather she felt born to make sick children laugh at her terrible adulting skills. Prior to becoming a therapy clown, she worked in retail. Forcing smiles while ringing […]

Wish On Day Seven

Final question: what happened to my mind and body when I sealed off my brain from the Big Issues for seven days?  I buried the elections, Ukraine, Covid, the economy, climate change, the fate of animals, various dicks of the world, etc.  It was glorious!  I slept great, had enjoyable conversations with Genevieve and Mexicans […]

Roots of Christ

That first encounter with Percy happened near the beginning of the theatre’s fall season. Dozens of touring acts had come through town since then, and with each one, Bash improved his technique. He was still a rookie LD (lighting director) but his willingness to take instruction from all available sources made him a quick study, […]

Day Three And Four Of Living Like A Stone

This is day four of my chosen isolation.  Day three was a blur.  Government and animal business.  Here are a few tips if you every decide to drop out of the instantaneous communication which surrounds your head and heart.  1)  Begin hiding from the world right before your cell phone runs out of minutes.  This […]

Second Day

Today is my second day of a news blackout.  The first day went pretty well.  I wrote a Tin Hats post, read 50-odd pages of Steppenwolf, walked the dogs twice, played with the cats, had a couple of good conversations with two street people and helped a crazy woman look for her missing kid.  She […]

Win a paperback copy of Duke’s newest book …

Duke’s latest offering has finally hit the presses. For the cover, I laid Tres’ artwork against a magazine article describing life in Palestine under the PLO. This article was first published in 1981 in a magazine that then used newsprint paper. On the cover was an iconic photo. If you can guess the name of […]