You don’t know about the kid- the kid is not around for this beyond the lips which doused the flame and swallowed up the pit. Call the kid piranha if you wanna, kick back with the red juice and your trauma. Tick the list of fucked up shit and draw the face with commas like […]

Emaciated Horses

It comes to me and it comes again … like leaves circling in the wind, higher and higher away from the mud and blood upon my hands A blank face, a lost bet, and let us consider the dead, let them awaken upon the river rocks, let them lift you upward Look where the green […]

Mobile Medical Units

Her house is on fire, but no one cares to know as she burns from within and slides her chair backward, her eyes pinpoints of blue flame She walks away from the table, dressed in sheer white gauze, the kind used by blood-stained nurses sewing battlefield wounds Let them kiss my plum lips one last […]

My Favorite Christmas Story, Part One

The year the Hong Kong flu swept round the world leaving the afflicted either dead or praying for death, I was a “Christmas Helper” assigned to the home goods department of a Macy’s in downtown Kansas City Missouri (Missura to the Missurans).  If you’ve ever taken a seasonal job selling products that you know nothing […]

A Friend/a Snake

In a way you could say that I am more pulp than pit or skin. When people try to hold me in their hands they all too often drop me, like they expected something firm and plush, a gift from any tree to trust but I just drip around their fingers and form to their […]