Here You Are

Why is it so important to be who you are Hope people will see your skin, your smile, the places you have been The lowing of the herd while still like a tree that’s out of season, bare and bleak, with limbs as snakes spitting in the wind Why so vital to carry mirrors against […]

Willem Dafoe Comes To Town

I’m taking a break from writing a book of love poems, I have about 20,000 words, 100 poems or so, and 20 or 30 women down. Shuffling through a few pages from a very old unfinished novel, I came across these lines: There is nothing newer than that which is forgotten and leaves the mind. […]

Thoughts From The Standing Desk

I’m worried that I can’t write worthwhile in a standing position.  It seems I need to build my core, prevent my back from collapsing.  If you recall I fell sixty feet off a cliff about eight years ago.  (That’s bullshit, who could survive? It’s called “ledges on the way down”.) My back is deteriorating and […]


It’s been hailing all over the country.  The Mexico City storm collapsed buildings and caused heavy flooding in the streets.  There were no drugs involved, which is saying a lot for Mexican disasters.  My personal storm, here in the town on the side of a mountain, was only 30 minutes long.  Hardly time for anyone […]

The Jagged Fragmentation of Duke Miller

For the past few weeks, he’d been trying to understand the mathematics of String Theory and the power of stillness and silence.  Italian movies were also part of the mix.  The way the color and language sliced into his eyeballs like somebody working on a Margherita pizza for delivery and, let’s face it, his eyesight was […]

Letter To Myself

Dear Duke, I think it is better to die without regrets.  That, of course, is hard to do.  I’ll need to make time for this. Check my schedule. We are all connected through the life behind each thought. The structure of our minds breaking down is our collective depression. The world has made a series […]

High-Wire Act

Preface I must address the pachyderm in the pantry. This time, my choice of subject matter comes with even more baggage than it did in my last book, Liber Prohibitorum. It’s difficult to write about great historical tragedies in the context of fiction for the simple fact that one always runs the risk of losing […]

For A. Mole: The Poetry Of Fish

He asked, when you talk to a stranger in a bar, do you speak in poetry Would a mundane conversation reveal revelation worthy of preservation Guided by the idea, I went into a bar and some guy asked me, do you fish Are there any good rivers or streams with trout, maybe bass I nodded […]

Nightly News

I saw a child on the nightly news Playing with a toy inside a room being used As a shelter from The Bomb’s long burning fuse The mother was there being interviewed ‘Cause war had broken out all over the place And when the microphone tilted toward her face She spoke about the future of […]