It’s Been a Bad Week

On Saturday the son of an old friend died … I wish it had been my old friend instead of the 12-year-old, I would have had a much easier time consoling the kid about his father, than the other way around … the wife is also dead, so my friend, as they say, is totally […]

Protecting Genevieve

All of this is only notes for eventual meetings … with a bit of joy I measure my days by bombed out buildings, deserted huts, sleeping bags in the open … four died last night, dumped on the corner, a message, a song, a party in the distance I rest in our bed, sheets of […]

A Change in the Weather

Vivian once had a daughter, a red snow cone, an ocean wave, but no more She left me in New York, says Vivian, she’s a disappointment…I had plans, but I try not to think about that I don’t know Vivian, I say into my drink, that must be hard to do Not really, she was […]

Just One Question

This is a continuation of Tom Bean and before that: Their Glorious Almost   Fiona slept in the basement with my father’s tools and guns.  Frogs were her personal saviors, the more bizarre their behaviors, their coloring or their venom, the more they delighted her. She kept her dark hair at an even inch all around and […]

Doves in the Moonlight

The question seeps into my mind almost every hour I can’t sleep and she is there in front of me, darkly, just so, her hands turning over like the body of a white dove Together we rap our heads around each other on the tenth floor ledge…it’s our nature Dr. Pablo tears the dream apart, […]

The First Page of Malverde Days

Maybe I’m a god or at least living at the pleasure of the gods like a bunch of dangling grapes Trying to figure it out, riding the lucky streaks When I think about the gods there is always sad music and then I fall into clichés like Voodoo chickens, but then come the kids prevented […]