This Beloved Earth

When I was younger, nature was something I took for granted.  It was eternal in rain and green grass and the fox’s scream.  My great-grandparents owned a place called Bull’s Creek Ranch.  It sat on both sides of the river and was about 4,000 acres.  Over the years my grandfather sold off much of the […]

Selling My Books on the Back of My Life

I’d never been to the Chapel of Jimmy Ray, but I closed my eyes and when I opened them, there I was, in somebody else’s dream.  I liked it and then I heard the voice of Dr. Dave.  “Hey motherfucker, I know you don’t care, but why not write something people in this town can […]

The Demented Woman

I love to eat rice and beans, it makes me feel like a worker in the fields, the ones with the straw hats and sandals.  They bend over with account books pressing down upon their backs.  History can be oppressive and ugly.  Broken bones and scars are the story of slavery and servitude and the […]

Day 3 of 90, part 2

Mic check one two, one two, this ripped seam soul knows no rest, it’s true. I have no peace in my cracked glass heart, my lips are black with hereditary tar- my guilty gut churns the earth with this cover like an oil spill in the salt and sweat of our mother. Did you know […]

Day 3 of 90

But did you not cup the puddle of me in your palms and scold the asphalt for the audacious act of ever touching me? There in the frozen dry air when I walked into the night for the 98th time, this time I wanted to die in the middle of the street beneath the lifted […]