Almost sleeps on my tongue noxious like monoxide, but the end notes smack of sun singed berries or tamarind spoons in the shade. Of monsoon summer, desert air. Dusty, wet, and swollen- like baking a pan of water in a pit under dirt. And we Nickelodeon bellies, ashy knees, horny toads, mirthful morbid beings. We race bikes […]

The Sky and the Desert

The town I grew up in was originally called Jackass Flats by the black lunged, cruel hearted, pale faced settlers who, with their noble and calloused hands, built the meager spine of shops, saloons and rancher’s reserves which the infrastructure clings to, to this day. The earth is dry and crude, there. Cotton puffed thistles […]

My Daily Exercise

When sleep flees, I fight the desire to increase the way I am different.  I used to puncture my skin with needles or thorns from the bush, building up the scars; the outward spelling of a dream born in fire.  Scarification started with the Bul Nuer.  I was recovering from an auto accident.  A tribesman […]

A Song Unheard

I need to go to the store and pray to amaranth, buy a bag and wade into the Aztec lake.  All eyes are upon me.  Yes, I need to go through my gate and then outside to confront the dirty war and the death of old leaders who spoke with cotton in their mouths and […]

Antique Fox Fur

Losing and falling, losing and falling, losing trust and falling out of love, losing will and falling into the grave, losing and falling, losing and falling, losing hope and falling into darkness, losing a job and falling onto the street, losing and falling, losing and falling…