Could this be in the script?

The illegitimate great grandnieces of Kamehameha struggled without success to remain inconspicuous as they waited behind a screen for us to finally leave. The oven had been smoking for some time. Although, it’s probably not called an oven, I thought, and we’re probably their last customers for the day so they’re probably thinking you’ve said […]

Ode to a Fuckboy/Sonnet 420

Shall I compare you to a summer blaze? With words that stoke a swagger like a pit. With palms exposed, your eyebrows raised and lit, Or lips downturned in lover’s scorn erased. A tear lapsed dripping down your face In permanent affect, And corners of your lover’s lips a laugh do ready make. And do […]

La Petite Mort

A fiery asteroid caught in weak orbit of a blood clot planet between the rhythmic breathing of blue lung nebulas. He’s out there stunning alone with the satellites, missile defense systems and dying stars. Out in the dark, spinning with his eyes closed. Keep an eye on the Fibonacci hour glass above his glowing ember […]


I was a revolving wheel of fermented bitter and overripe sweet. If you’d have told me you loved me, I’d have said, “don’t lose sleep over it.” I would have lifted the white cotton hem of my blouse and exposed my bleached beating heart to you, at 4 in the morning as the sun began […]

Ally’s Query

Imagine that you are part of a family where you are allowed the security to live fairly comfortably, you’re accepted, your picture hangs on the wall, you get gifts for your birthday and Christmas. You eat meals together and you even have your own room. Imagine that you have a sibling who is denied all […]