Confronting the Shadow

Ever walked the desert in the middle of the night? Caught frozen air and tobacco in the sharp of your bite? Are you afraid of the dark? Are you afraid of your face in the dark? The creatures come alive in the desert at night. The moon is an eye in the sky. Skin becomes […]

One Star At A Time

You must cut her loose, before she drags everything down.  Yet, I love her so and my ax is in the shop.  You recall the tombstones.  A walk on a chilly day in the cemetery.  You’re at the state penitentiary, the one with the extra tall walls and there’s her first name written in stone […]

View From The Ceiling

Self-doubt is eternal in the kissing dream, the wedding night, a horse on the hill The pain in your foot is from a spider bite and the frightening swell comes as Mother strokes your hair Hesitation bleeds into all the tenses like flowers blooming at night, the woman turning her face into the darkened doorway, […]

Needle and Thread

Where to begin?  Somewhere between the song notes and the vanished smile, like a room turning into another life. The sort of existence trapped in the gravity of a liquid planet and you are together once again and the air you breath fills you out into a new life, with fresh faces, as if the […]

Just before defeat

as grows dark the night I wear my black robes so soft like a spider’s web. I soothe my aching body with sweet port and then, tea of camomile and wonder will my life ever fulfill the promise of the doe’s eyes, or the hare’s, hung to bleed out, on concrete below me as I […]

Some other god please

A continuation of The Debris They finally found Cousin Gloria in the holding room for new arrivals at a convalescent hospital tucked behind a strip mall.  An old television flicked mutely in the center of the room and, although its purpose was to entertain, none of the half dozen people lying on gurneys gave a […]

The Genius Of Sadness

The phone rang and she picked it up.  “Can you come in here?” he asked.   She rose from her desk and walked down the hall to his office and went inside.  He wasn’t there, of course, and she wondered where he might be?  Slowly she turned around and left, closing the door behind her.  On […]


The elephants were housed in glass curio cabinets, on shelves in bookcases, glued onto ladder frames, perched on the top of china cabinets, lounging on sofas, peeking into the mobile from the enclosed patio.  There were elephant pillows and elephant watering cans with long and skinny trunks, pink and plastic elephants, cartoon elephants, Indian elephants […]