A Liar of Myself

This would be a good spot to leverage the revision process by incorporating another paragraph’s worth of running commentary on my authorial development, into the wider context of my failing health. If the reader remembers, near the end of chapter five there was mention of a slight cough and generalized fatigue. At that time, I […]

She Said her Name Was Hecate

Crazy Dream: I find myself in a sprawling, big city mall with an elderly woman who looks kinda like mom but apparently, she’s my aunt, although I don’t have any aunts in real life. We’re on some type of getaway, perhaps engaged in a tryst as there’s a strong sexual undertone, including some touching, and […]

Spin The Bottle

I must go on. We must go on. Yet, this is a novel that will probably never be written, certainly never finished. Unless someone dies and then, in a way, it will be finished. For there is a ledger somewhere, a folder of paper, a rolling pen off a desk, a cold file, and in […]

Poor Little Bastard

Perhaps I’m at risk of turning this memoir into mom’s hagiography but previous to her cognitive decline I can’t recall any instances where her words or actions burned or even slightly smouldered with the molten malevolence of a single sun, let alone a thousand, which reminds me… There was this time in the grocery store. […]

I’ll probably delete this when sober …

Rytan’s laptop began to act as though she’d clicked on one of those endless commercials for adult diapers that kept spinning you through the interverse until, unless you signed up for monthly delivery service, bladder leakage insurance for your jumpers, and a six-month subscription to their toilet tips podcasts, your device would explode. She snapped […]

I’d Stand In The Rain With Sartre

When I think of how humans have dealt with some growing catastrophe, a few things stick out.  There are many people who are ignorant of the problem.  Even the gross outlines.  This is a sizable number.  Then there are people who don’t want to know about the disasters before they actually happen.  This presents a […]


The scent of detergent, rice and roses,tables set with platters of melon like a banner-green, orange, red and yellow,so cold and sweet for the niñosin their patent mary janes andprincess dresses pastel pink and blue andlittle button down shirts with gelled hairapuesto withtamarind spoonsnext to the cervezanext to the limasnext to the salsanext to the […]

Nazi Christmas!

Heinrich ‘Holocaust’ Himmler looked spookily similar to the manager of a grocery store I once worked at. The resemblance was strong enough to merit the use of words like dead ringer and doppelganger. I ended up sneaking a picture of Himmler onto the manager’s desk the day he fired me for refusing to lock the […]

Merry Christmas!

Some of you reading this might not understand that an out-of-control train just passed you by and it could have destroyed everything that you know and love.  The Omicron variant of the Coronavirus is anywhere from five to seventy times as contagious as any of the other variants (the difference in contagion rates depend upon […]

Free Love in the Pacific Northwest

It might besomething like the sun in July,on shoulders flecked with melted ice-hot hot heat on baptized skin,which has nothing at all to do with Christ. Lake Cushman up north,on pristine land, wherethe Skokomish tribe reside. It’s where they teach us how to fathersomething likethe absent yet constant presence,the generous and ruthless bane of water. […]