Sitting With The Windows Open As The Cold Rain Falls

It’s nice to have kittens as the world ends

They help me recall the times when things were out of control

There and there and there

And I was standing at some radio, in a war or some other disaster, as life shattered all around me

Nothing to be done and so I acted automatically without feeling, but when I had the chance, it was different with a bottle and a fire or someone I trusted 

And so here we are again

Oh, I have dogs too and I don’t know who I love more, the dogs or the kittens

But when I weep, Missa Him and Matilda get uncomfortable, while the kittens soft paw my tears and lick them off my cheeks

Birdy and Stormy have taken to riding my shoulders as I walk around the house and I wear them like soft flags announcing a truce

I sent Jan an email and quoted one of my lines

It is one thing to forget the past, but it is quite another to destroy the future

All of us confused and increasingly alone, as our reach recedes

As love falls away

Waiting for the Carpathia, but this time, she’s not coming

15 thoughts on “Sitting With The Windows Open As The Cold Rain Falls

      1. Peaceful. I watched the same song that was next in cue as well and it had a movie of a weathered man walking the ocean shore. Nice selection. Can I ask about Angel?


      2. Yes, people walking by the ocean, along the ridge of a mountain, across the desert, kittens at your feet … these are the things that give us pause. Time to consider who we are and what the fuck just happened to my life? Here is some of my music. It is mostly sad stuff. It helps me think. I’ve been thinking about you and what to say about Angel. I tried to help him, to even fix him, but whatever I’m doing is not working. I seem to be pretty good at making his mother cry, but beyond that he is only getting thinner and weaker. I’ve stopped going down there to sit with him or stand with him. I’d have to send you some photos of my old work. He could be in the photos. I tend to watch only European internet news stations. They are full of Spain, Portugal, etc. on fire, everything turning into the minute of Yosemite. Jan, says it fills her with dread. It fills me with disgust. Earth, air, fire, and water. Funny how Aristotle had it right 2,500 years ago. We are all just children of the Greeks, bastards of the Jews, playthings of the kittens, shadows for the dogs and what of love? What of love? I sometimes tell Jan and Aaron, maybe you too, that I feel like the guy on the radio telling somebody where it is not so bad, that the temperature is falling or the heat is rising and then the radio goes silent. Sometimes he’s talking to somebody down on earth or vice versa and then it all just ends. I’ll kick off before that, unless Putin does something really stupid or one of these viruses goes medieval. Convert, we are all just biding our time and I hate to always be such a downer, but motherfucker, that is the only way I can be now. I’m pretty lost and deeply alone in my body and mind, even when I’m around people I love. Fuck. Okay, good luck. Here is my music. Hope you like some of it. Thanks. Duke

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      3. I’m sorry Duke. I’ve been away from the computer for a few days so the link to your music has expired. I’d love to hear it if it is still available. There is a youtube channel that is called Academy of Ideas. Somehow I feel better when I watch one most mornings when I first get up and try to move the rigamortis out of my joints.
        Fighting windmills is the thing that gets me moving. Getting my ass beat by a windmill is what keeps me in line. Somebody once said it is all bullshit anyways.
        Thank God for Harriot.

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      4. I’m not sure if you got into my account on Youtube. But here is another link. I have people listening to my music, but how that is arranged, I don’t know. It comes from me sending people a song link and then they somehow tap into the whole list. Like I say, it is mostly sad music from a wide variety of people. I like music that makes me think. If I have a secret to my writing, it is the music I play while I write. Sometimes the lyrics, sometimes the melody, even the bridge, whatever, it effects the words I use and that is a good thing. Sometimes I read poetry and it gives me a different idea, but it stems from the words of someone else. “I’m bleeding oceans … and I lay down again” is a good one. Stealing a sentiment is not a bad thing in my book. We are all just playing against each other, like leaves in the stream, knocking our way towards the sea. The one video I sent by Dave Baxter is about a guy who decides to set forth into the sea, with nothing to lose. I only watch Al Jazeera, Sky, France-24, Deutsch Welle, and ABC (Australia BC). They give me a view of the world and it is not pretty. Did I ever send you photos of my old work? Can’t remember. Alexis Duclos came to South Sudan and I helped him navigate around and he took some photos. I’ll try to send them to you. Duke

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  1. “It is one thing to forget the past, but it is quite another to destroy the future,” That is GOLD.
    I just posted my first blogpost in two years on Friday. Check it out. Hope you’re well.

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  2. “It is one thing to forget the past, but it is quite another to destroy the future” this is a very heart wrenching line and I do believe many people are feeling very depressed by the current state of world events. Thank you for this poem.

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